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A Guide to Cremations in Australia

What is a Cremation and Cremation Types

In recent years Cremations are becoming increasingly popular. A cremation is the burning of the physical body and reduction to very fine bone fragments often known as either cremated remains or “ashes”. One of the major differences between Burials vs Cremation is that there can be number of different options for the resting place of a loved one’s remains, an urn in the family home home or internment outdoors, to having your beloved’s remains converted into a jewel, the choices are many.

Common types of Cremation today.

Loved Ones Deserve Our Best...

We understand how important the choices you make for your loved ones are, in many cases you will be making the final decisions on their behalf to the best of your ability.

So upon their passing a funeral provider will be required directly after a medical person has verified the passing.

The funeral director will arrange to take your loved one into their care and have them transported to a mortuary while all necessary documents are gathered and completed correctly, this includes completing an Application for Cremation as well as a Registration of Death Information form.

Once the necessary paperwork & been processed, the body is transferred to the crematorium, prior to this the funeral director will also organise any service details tailored to your request.

Recent Cremations

Upcoming Funerals at Your Departed become lasting permament memorials once the Burial day has finished.

Memorialise your loved one and share their memories with families and friends on social media knowing that there is one central place that they can be found for future generations to reflect and remember.

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Religious & Secular Ceremonies

Our funeral director network can look after the burial or cremation funeral for Christians, Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, Buddhists, Orthodox, and more, whether it is a full service ceremony or assistance with a direct cremation to follow the wishes of your loved one to be remembered in their own unique way.

For religious ceremonies, They will also assist you in hiring the hall of the appropriate religious institution. Our funeral directors can also assist you in providing a clergy or celebrant.

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