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How Funeral Loans & Finance Work?

In many cases a death can be unexpected or unforseen, in times like these making financial preparations in a hurry can be close to impossible depending on availability of funds or complications with cash flow. When funds are not immediately available then understanding the types of Funeral Finance options available can really help to avoid additonal stress during this difficult period. You can focus on what matters most right now and pay back the loan over time! Not only are there products catering for immediate funding, there are also a number of financial funeral products where payments can be made for the future too! The information below can help in understanding what options are possible and find providers who can help you with your needs.

Types of Funeral Loans & Financing Solutions

Expenses To Plan For

Many people underestimate or simply don't even think about just how much funerals cost. In Australia, the average total cost of a funeral can range anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000, depending on whether you want a simple cremation or a traditional burial.

Why do funerals cost so much? There are several expenses you need to budget for, we go through these in more detail here

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Product & Services

Browse and select from a range of services on offer from different funeral plan and loan providers
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Service Providers

Need financial assistance in a hurry, you've come to the right place!
The businesses below offer service in your area and are keen to assist with your funeral financing needs.


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About MacCredit

MacCredit is Australia’s Premier Payment Plan Specialist that provides solutions to customers every year across Australia.

The MacCredit business has been operating since 2004 and has over 1300 Affiliates who’s customers apply with MacCredit for the financing of products or services.

Our process is simple and designed to get the funds you need in your account as soon as possible.

Our dedicated staff are trained to assist you with every aspect of your loan process.

Funeral Plan Management


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About Funeral Plan Management

Funeral Plan Management (FPM) has assisted over 170,000 Australians to fund and pay for their funerals since 1984.

FPM is part of the Australian Unity Group - a national healthcare, financial services and independent & assisted living organisation providing services to almost one million Australians, including 300,000 members nationwide.

Since 1840, Australian Unity has been providing services that enhance the wellbeing of Australians throughout the changing stages of their lives.

We are a proud National Corporate Partner of the Australian Funeral Directors Association, and member of the National Funeral Directors Association, the Queensland Funeral Directors Association and Independent Funeral Directors Association of Australia.

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