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Renee Henke

Dear Family & Friends, 

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Posted by Renee Henke 29/12/2021

I was lucky enough to know Coops in and out of the classroom. I had the pleasure of being his year 7 teacher and there was never a dull moment.

Coops came to school for many reasons, learning being lower on the priority list. He came to school to connect, laugh, spread laughter, connect with (or terrorise) teachers… but most of all he came to be with his mates.

Mates and Family were his number 1 priority and if you made it into his inner circle he had your back for life. And if you were honest, caring and up for a good time… you were welcome with open arms. 

Lessons for Coops were spent chatting to mates, making eyes or gestures across the room in an attempt to make others laugh, sharing awesome bits of knowledge, helping teachers and peers, playing air drums to old school songs and making us all laugh.

In PE he went 110%, slowing down only to help a team mate, include someone who had been left out… or twerk.

Coops smile, light and zest for adventure were infectious.

Keep shining bright Coops 

Mrs Knights 

Posted by Ali Knights 30/12/2021

Coops, you have an incredible passion for life and all that it holds. I remember you clinging to mums hip at kindy when Emma and Immy would go together. I remember watching you grow bit by bit as you were the cutest little bubba, all squishy and cuddly. When your mum told me that my mum had whisked you away and that Gwen had made a difference in your life, I was proud. You were always a fighter, for the good, the bad and the unfair. The way you loved our animals was always above and beyond what we could wish for. Lucky the bearded dragon, Rossi our kelpie X. I know that Rossi would sneak up on your bed at night, he senses great people and he will sit with them. It's probably the reason that every time he escaped he would go nowhere else but to your house. I remember you riding your scooter over to our place to play Swanny's Play Station. We assumed it was most probably Emma and yourself having sibling issues (which is highly common in our house) and it was nice to have a guy around eating food, yelling at the tv and completely oblivious to his surroundings. You would scoot off home when you needed to and being in Roxby you were safe, everyone knew who everyone was. Watching you on and near the bikes was something else too. The way your eyes lit up and we could see your drive for adventure. I'm pretty sure 'adventure' is one of your middle names, and that is a quality that will live on forever with you. Love you Coops, not a day has passed where we haven't thought of you, spoken to you or said a prayer for you and your family. A positively young man taken away from everyone way too soon. We miss you, that grin, your eyes that touch souls and your laugh that brightens the room. Your spark is here, we can feel it. Keep it going and from my family to yours, our deepest condolences and love to you Emma, Renee and Simmo, we love you more than we can show you. Forever in our hearts and always remembered ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Swanny, Bel, Shayla, Alyssa and Imogen Swanson 💔🤍💔🤍❤️❤️❤️ 30/12/2021

The first time we met Cooper was at a work show at Roxby village, the kids were hanging out together. I ended up asked Renee if he would like to ‘sit’ my kids & he was nervous but after the first day those nerves were gone. He settled in like it was his second home for 2 years. I loved coming home from work & finding all 3 of them out the back on the pogo sticks, or on the trampoline with the sprinkler going, or sitting out the front watching the trucks resurface the road, sometimes I’d come home to just Cooper, playing his game in Tyson’s room. And I didn’t mind at all. He was a great role model. He spent a lot of time with my children, as much as I was at work! He had plenty of sleep overs too, they were quiet enough for me to sleep so I was happy. Tyson was extremely happy to have Cooper, he really looked up to him.   Cooper once told me he used to be really naughty when he was younger. I asked what happened? He replied, “I don’t know, I think I hit puberty.” I said, “Well that was a good thing!” He was well spoken, polite, considerate & very funny. I even enjoyed his company. I told the kids to get some videos before he was moving away & get photos as they would be losing a huge part of their life. We got a few. The last day he walked out the door, I was like “Wait, you’re going!” He left as though he was going to say goodbye another time!   The next-door neighbour only met Coops a few times & she still had a good story to remember him by. When she was walking her little girl up the street & Heide fell off her bike. Angel & Cooper were passing, Cooper helped them carry the bike back home. So Rachel gave them both money for being so kind. And the amount of times the ball went over the fence! Cooper was good at retrieving the ball, either jumping the back fence, climbing on the roof (which I did speak to the kids about) or if it went next door, he would be the one to knock & ask if he could go get the ball & play with their little dog while he was there.   I spoke highly of Cooper, ask anyone who knew he was our sitter. He wasn’t just our sitter though, he was Tyson’s best mate, a great friend, a gaming buddy, a good laugh, a trusted, good-hearted lad who should still be here. There will be a lot of broken hearts for a long time to come. We miss you dearly Cooper. Forever in our hearts, your second family xxx Jodie, Angel & Tyson Watkins

Posted by Jodie Watkins 30/12/2021

Dearest Cooper - you slipped into our family many years ago, as though you planned for it to happen and we just didn't know.
We've watched you grow from an energetic gorgeous little boy to a fine young man who had a permanent place at our table....even when you deliberately stole Tayah & David's tongue-out

The older boys will never forget you and Seth getting up to mischief and causing havoc.... with them often getting the blame 😂 You were cheeky and smart witted and gave them a run for their money that's for sure!

For Tayah you were simply another brother she had to contend with, and sure enough you made it known she was out numbered! This past year each time Tayah came home she would ask where you were and BAM you would appear - like you knew she secretly missed you ❤️

For Seth you were as you always said "brothers from other mothers" From saving the world from Zombies when you were little to simply "cruising around" or "hanging out" as you guys got older. You were either by his side, on the phone or chatting and laughing through your games. No matter what, you were always in contact and just simply there for each other.  

For David and I, well hec - we had 4 so 5 didn't change a thing! As the others went their own ways, you made our home not feel so empty the moment you stepped in the door. Your amazing smile, awesome greetings, contagious laugh, unforgettable one liners and deep conversations will forever be missed.

Mate, thank you for choosing us to be part of your life. You will be in our hearts and memories forever.
We love and miss you xxx

Posted by Seth, Tayah, Rhys, Brodie, David & Chance 30/12/2021

Cooper, you have the biggest heart mate , you took josh under your wing during holidays, you never judged him like many others and liked him for him he always looked forward to catching up with you.  Always hearing you boys talking over games and the phone, I knew you were one of a kind. You are a truly kind soul and school holidays in Roxby will never be the same.
Renee Simon and Emma our hearts breaks for you, that beautiful boy of yours was truly a special soul and touched lives in a truly positive way. Thankyou for sharing him with Josh x  He will be remembered forever x 

Posted by Amy, Jase and Josh xx 30/12/2021

Cooper, we will miss you on our visits to Adelaide when we catch up with Alicia, Horry and the girls.  My fondest memory of you was when you invited Jaxon to laser tag and whilst he was very uneasy about playing (due to a past event), you supported him and he had the best time!!  Renee, Simon and Emma you are in our thoughts, prayers and hearts.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful boy with us xoxo

Posted by Scheree and Jaxon (Melbourne) 29/12/2021

Cooper, you are one in a million mate. Harry and our family will miss you immensely! Your signature deep husky voice and infectious laugh will stay with us for ever. Thanks for all the help you gave us convincing Harry to go to school when he was really struggling to get there. You made my job so much easier coming to our house every morning to get him going. Loved our chats and your funny stories at the breakfast bar while you were still waiting for Harry to get ready!  Quite often my tummy would hurt from laughing with you so much! Your one-liners, superb. 😊
I'm certain you will be already having everyone in fits of laughter where you are, as you always did with all of us here. You always put a smile on everyone's face as you lit up the room. We promise we will look out for Mum, Dad & Emma for you, but we also know you already are. 
We will miss you mate, it's never goodbye, it's until we meet again
love you bud. 

Harry, Charlee, Indy, Stacey & Damon. Xxxxx

Posted by Harry, Charlee, Indy, Stacey & Damon McDonald 28/12/2021

Our boy, Cooper Jackson Henke, a son, brother, grandson & friend. A short time with us but forever in our hearts.

A farewell for Cooper will be held on Thursday 30th December at the Nuriootpa Football Clubrooms at 9:30am for a 10am start. Please bring your own hat and sunscreen and a pen to sign with. Light refreshments after service.
For those based in Roxby Downs who would like to watch the service, it will be streamed from the Roxby Downs Community Church.

Dress code: neat and tidy casual

Posted by Renee Henke 23/12/2021