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Nick (Νταιφας)’s final resting place
Rookwood General Cemetery, Rookwood

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I don't clearly remember my first encounter with my uncle from Australia, apart from photographs and other's recollections, but I do remember the second. I had to look twice and blink, because in front of me stood my father's virtual twin. Same thick silver hair, same dark Mediterranean skin, same shaped hands and thick fingers, same style of dress down to the identical silver stretch-band wrist watch, same deep bass νταφεικο voice. Sarcastic wit and humour was also part of their element. They even died the same age. When they sat next to each other with their backs turned, one could not tell the difference. On one occasion I happened to raise my voice to the "wrong" dad! Theio Niko, we know you loved us like your own children and grandchildren. You will always be remembered fondly. Our beloved ones await you with open arms! Rest in eternal peace. With love to θεια, our cousins, neices and nephews....from the descendants of θειο Βασίλη Νταιφα.

Posted by Sophia Tzortzi 21/07/2020

To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds, For the ashes of his fathers And the temple of his God The true laconic and gentle soul who personified the migrant spirit, against the odds with humility. He loved his family and nephew in Brisbane. The last of the brothers from Γέρακα. The privilege and honour to have lived in your time and walked in your shadow. You were my παππού.

Posted by John (Νταιφας) George 21/07/2020

For many, a funeral is a ritual of loss and connection where we remember our loved ones who have passed and comfort the living.  The coronavirus outbreak has altered that ritual and changed the way we say goodbye: the loss remains, the connections change.

The new relaxing of restrictions allows 100 mourners inside the church and unrestricted outside of the chapel as long as social distancing rules are followed.

Posted by Divinity Funerals Funerals 21/07/2020