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Rookwood Cemetery, St Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church, Rookwood NSW 2141, Australia

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A tribute in honour of the
Late Zoi Kotsonis

🕯May her memory be eternal🕯

Posted by Divinity Funerals 09/08/2021

Dear Zoe You will always be in our hearts and we will forever remember your kindness and generosity. We will miss your welcoming smile and hospitality. We will cherish the memories of the moments that we were fortunate enough to share with you. May you Rest In Peace With all our love! Adolfo & Rosa Carrillo

Posted by Adolfo & Rosa Carrillo 10/08/2021

EULOGY – ZOI KOTSONIS 10th August 2021 Our mother Zoi Kotsonis was born on September 26th, 1939 in the village of Aghios Vasilios, Corinthia. Her name means “life” in Greek and is amongst one of the most important and significant words in the Greek language. She epitomised “ζωη” and lived life to the fullest. Her formative years were spent in the village of Klenia where she grew up in a large loving family, moulding her into the warm, generous, fun- loving person that she became. In her late teens she moved to Athens and lived with her Uncle, a famous clarinet player. Music became an important part of her life with regular exposure to his studio jams. She was very fond of her time spent in Athens where she worked as a seamstress. Weekends were for visiting her family in the village and she was always armed with gifts. In 1966, mum decided to leave Greece and migrated to Australia. One of her fondest memories was singing Waltzing Matilda with the rest of the passengers on the Qantas flight that was bound to Sydney. Shortly after arriving, she met our father and they married. Life was tough and she worked multiple jobs, doing two shifts a day to help make ends meet. In spite of the hardship, she never complained and maintained a positive, cheerful mindset. Her Greek Orthodox faith was pivotal during her life and provided the foundation stone to guide her through any hardship and adversity. She regularly attended Sunday service at All Saints Church, Belmore and in her later years; St Nektarios at Burwood. Easter was a very sacred time in our household where she ensured we all fasted during Holy Week and maintained the cultural traditions. The warm aromas of freshly baked Easter treats filled the house and there was always more than enough to share with anyone who visited. She cooked the most delicious fish soup in preparation for Easter Sunday which we all relished after the church service at midnight. Her generosity was boundless and guests would always leave with bags of home-grown produce or freshly cooked meals packed in takeaway containers. It was her way of ensuring everyone was well looked after. Our parents always said “Never place emphasis on material things, as they come and go. What everyone will remember is not what you had, but what your heart gave out” and they lived by that philosophy. Mum embraced people of all cultures and really enjoyed trying different cuisines and listening to music from around the world. She had a curiosity and love for everyone she met. Mum, you may have left us, but your passion for life, your kind, caring nature, generosity and wisdom will be remembered. Without any doubt, your unyielding strength in the face of adversity and suffering is exemplary and will serve to guide us in life. You were our rock and taught us a lot about strength of character. Towards the end, you fought hard with incredible courage and endured much suffering without complaining. On Wednesday 4th August, 2021 you lost your battle with cancer and your enduring memory will continue to live within all of us who were blessed to have known you. We are touched and overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support during our time of grieving. We whole heartedly thank you all for your phone calls, text messages and moral support in our time of need. We would also like to thank the outstanding medical staff at Concord Palliative Care Ward for the exceptional support and care they provided our Mother during the final hours of her life. We love you dearly, Mum and you will live on in our hearts forever. May you now rest in Peace. xoxoxoxoxo.

Posted by Kotsonis Family 10/08/2021

You will always be in our hearts. You were always there for us whenever we needed anything. You were not only our neighbour you were our family. May you Rest In Peace our beloved Joy! God bless you always

Posted by Tony, Simon & Dianah Farhat and family. 10/08/2021

You will be dearly missed. I will miss your welcoming smile and your love for everyone

Posted by Anastasia Stefanis 10/08/2021

May your memory be eternal Kalo taxidi Kiria zoi ❤️

Posted by Effie Flaskas and Family 10/08/2021

Such a beautiful person spreading joy to all that came in contact with her, will be missed. May she Rest In Peace Love Con and Poppy Drekis

Posted by Con and Poppy Drekis 10/08/2021

Dear Zoi, thank you so much for all the love and good friendship . Love you Mum.❤️💐🙏 Wish you Rest In Peace . Julie

Posted by Julie 10/08/2021

To our dearest Thia Zoi I remember first meeting you in high school many years ago when i would come over and visit Tonia.We shared so many laughs at the kitchen table over many meals.You always made everyone feel so loved and welcome and you cooked and fed us endlessly even though we couldn't eat anymore.The food just kept coming out. There was always lots of laughter and love around your family home. You will always be in our hearts and we will forever remember your kindness and your beautiful smile and how you always saw the good in every person. May god watch over you and may you rest in peace. We will always remember you. Lots of Love Peter, Katerina, Amelia and James Stylianou

Posted by Katerina Stylianou 10/08/2021

Dearest Zoi, May you be happy and safe now in gods hands and you be reunited with all the loved ones that have departed us. Thank you for being the most beautiful neighbour and for the beautiful family you have brought up. You will be greatly missed but remembered forever. Love always from Nextdoor All the Bongailas family

Posted by Jason Bongailas 10/08/2021

A great woman and mother who brought me a life long friend into this world. May she Rest In Peace.❤️❤️

Posted by Edward Sleiman 10/08/2021

An amazing Lady with a Heart larger than her Smile ... just listening to her voice over the phone made me feel happy and I couldn't help but smile. May You Rest in Peace Signora Kotsonis.

Posted by Paolo A. 10/08/2021

To our beloved Thia Zoi, We are saddened and heartbroken by the news of your passing. We will hold on and cherish the amazing memories we all shared growing up. Your love, warmth, generosity and infectious laugh will forever live on in our hearts. You are now with our beloved Thio Vaggeli together again looking down at all of us. Rest In Peace Thia. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tom, Tonia and family during your time in grief. With love always, John, Sophia Foti and Georgia Nikolaou

Posted by Sophia Nikolaou 09/08/2021

Dearest Koumbara Zoi and Nona, We are deeply saddened by your passing and will forever cherish all the happy memories we created and shared over the many years of friendship. Your kind nature spread warmth in the hearts of every single being that you encountered. We were truly blessed to have been part of your life and may God forever watch over you. May you Rest in Peace. With all our love, Koumbaroi Kyriako & Baso Hatziergatis Godson Jim, Malama, Victoria & Kerry Hatziergatis Nick & Jenny Hatziergatis

Posted by Jim Hatziergatis 09/08/2021

Boubou mou you were a tower of strength, a Trojan warrior but unfortunately you lost the war. We can't thank you enough for all your love and support throughout our lives and we will cherish the memories and moments we were fortunate enough to share with you. You were a remarkable woman with an infectious smile. Your unconditional love for family, friends and life will be edged into our hearts. Kalo taxithi, o theos na anapafsi tin psihoula sou and may you rest in peace, until we meet again. Love forever and always.

Posted by Kathy Karkafiris 09/08/2021

To our Mum and Yiayia. When I sit and think about what can I write - there’s so much to say about you and your BIG HEART. Yet what stands out most for Andre, the boys and I as a family, is not just the care and love you gave us but you gave more than you needed to, even at your most vulnerable time. You were so gracious and supportive to the boys even when you needed to focus on yourself. You really didn’t need to give that much and be that selfless. You were our rock as a family and you taught us a lot about strength of character. We always knew we could draw from your strength and to never give up on anything that was thrown at us. The biggest thing you taught the boys was, have fun and enjoy yourselves, be authentic and if you can’t carry your burden, give it to God to carry it for you and he’ll carry you through. We love you so much and already miss your laugh and smile. What a gift you and dad were for the boys with the simple values you taught them. You both always said “never place emphasis on material things, as they come and go. What everyone will remember is not what you had, but what your heart ❤️ gave out and you and dad lived that every day”. Thanks for being a fun, amazing, vibrant, caring and loving yiayia. You were also a friend to the boys, and they always looked up to you. Andre and I know we can never fill those shoes, but we hope we can learn from your values and morals to help the boys navigate life, wherever their path takes them. You will always be in our hearts and we know you will always watch over all of us. 🙏🙏🙏 Rest In Peace!!! Lots of love Tonia, Andre, Jordan, Jerome & Stefan.

Posted by Tonia, Andre & Boys 09/08/2021

Dearest Θεια Zoe. We loved you like a second mother. In fact you WERE our second mother! Belmore and Lakemba was our second home. I'll always remember your beautiful face, that big bombastic laugh and joviality you possessed. You loved being surrounded by those you loved and catering was your speciality. We always ate sooo much!! The house was always filled with laughter and joy. You lightened up our lives. God bless you and rest in peace beautiful soul 💜💜💜

Posted by Mary Kary (Karytsiotis) 09/08/2021

Dear Mrs Kotsonis, I was saddened to hear of your passing. I will always remember with fondness the kindness & generosity you showed me. As a teenager I visited your home often, and spent many hours there playing guitar & listening to music with Tom. In that time you were like my second Mum. You were always welcoming, and showered me with your beautiful hospitality. For that I am eternally grateful. You are now in a better place re-united with your equally awesome husband Angelo and free from this worlds pain. Rest in Peace Kind Lady To Tom and Tonia, I have no doubt they will continue to watch over, guide and comfort you both in your times of need. The thoughts and prayers of the Morano family are with you and your family at this time. With much respect Nino Morano

Posted by Nino Morano 08/08/2021

Dearest Thea Zoi, I remember the days when I was in kindergarten when you and my mum used to wait for Tonia & I outside the school gates, your smile and kind spirit has been a constant from that time. Your kindness, sense of humour and big hugs will never be forgotten. Your baked potatoes with oregano were the best ever. Always welcoming and caring, we will miss you so much, but you will be forever in our hearts. May God comfort your gorgeous family and keep you with him and the angels in heaven. All our love, Antonio, Marguerite & Gabriella Capezio ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Posted by Marguerite Capezio 08/08/2021

Dear Thia, We remember first meeting you, oh almost 20 years ago after becoming great friends with Tonia and Andre, who we met in London in 2001. As Tonia and Andre became part of our family being God Parents to our son, both you and Thio also became part of our family. I will always remember the warm, kind and generous aura that surrounded you, that’s how we will remember you. May you forever Rest In Peace with Thio by your side again. You will be dearly missed by everyone who crossed your path. Lots of love from Gabriel & Rachel Skanavis family xx

Posted by Gabriel & Rachel Skanavis 08/08/2021

Dear Thia Zoi You have always been the kindest happiest most generous and loving lady with a smile on your beautiful face that made everyone feel loved and warm inside. You raised two beautiful children who adore you as much as you adored them . The love between your family touches our hearts may God bless your beautiful family that bids you farewell . I know you will always be here with them guiding through this difficult time. Rest in Peace Thia and thank you for all the lovely memories we have throughout our childhood. REST IN PEACE BEAUTIFUL THIA ZOI. lots of Love Kerry and George Psakis and family xxxx.

Posted by Kerry Psakis 08/08/2021

Dear Nonna, There are no words that can explain the loss we have all suffered because there is nobody like you on this planet. You were always there for me and you always cared for me. I hope you felt that I was there for you too right to the end!Your spirit will always be alive because of your endless love for the people that mattered to you most. We are all very lucky to of had you in our lives and I hope now you can rest your beautiful soul . Our thoughts and prayers are with your remaining family and you maybe gone from our sights but never from our hearts. All my love, Your Godson Dean

Posted by Dean Ellis 08/08/2021

Today, I won’t be able to call you on the phone and say good morning. I won’t be able to ask you for recipes and tell you about what I have planted in the garden. ‘Though today, I can thank you for being amazing, loving, fantastic, generous, funny, wise, accommodating, patient, tolerant and above all for being my beloved Mother. You created a template that forged me into the person that I am today. We are all shattered and devastated by our loss and beautiful memories of you are stamped in our hearts forever. Towards the end you fought hard with incredible courage and endured much suffering without complaining. May your soul now rest in Peace. I love you Mum! You’re the greatest! Your son, Tom

Posted by Thomas Kotsonis 08/08/2021

Dearest Mum, Words elude me for your passing is a deep and profound loss to us all. I am very grateful to have you as my Mother-in-law and for all the love and care you showered me over many years. There are many happy and beautiful memories of us sharing food and conversations around the family table. Your fish soup (psarosoupa) was absolutely divine and a joy to have along with your calamarakia, pork roast, galaktoboureko...and Dad's beautiful barbecue. I will also remember fondly our many outings to parks, gardening centres to times where we had enjoyed Greek songs, Stin Ygeia Mas Re Paidia and watching Bollywood movies together. You may have left us, Mum but your passion for life, your kind, caring nature, generosity and wisdom will be remembered. Without a doubt, your unyielding strength in the face of adversity and suffering is exemplary and will serve to guide us in life. Thank you very much for all your love, Mum. I will miss you dearly and forever, you and Dad will live on in my heart. May you rest in peace. Polla filakia kai aggalitses..... xoxoxo Your daughter-in-law, Clara

Posted by Clara Goh 08/08/2021

Thia Zoi, Here on earth you radiated strength and kindness. You always selflessly provided support to your children and grandchildren like an angel here on earth. Your warm smile, kindness, generous hospitality and our cheeky laughs will always be remembered. Your golden heart will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace. Till we meet again. John, Pamela, Evan and George Kallias

Posted by Pamela Kallias 08/08/2021

To our dearest Aunt & Great Aunt we were all saddened by your passing. Words cannot express our sorrow and heartache, but we will be comforted that you are now in God's loving hands without any pain or suffering. Memories are all we will have of you and our beloved Uncle Angelo, you are together now - two great loves. We hold you tightly within our hearts and there you will remain until the joyous day arrives that we will meet again. Rest in peace our beloved Aunt From the Pazpinis Family

Posted by The Pazpinis Family 07/08/2021


Posted by Kerry 07/08/2021

For many, a funeral is a ritual of loss and connection where we remember our loved ones who have passed and comfort the living. The coronavirus outbreak has altered that ritual and changed the way we say goodbye: the loss remains, the connections change.

The family has the difficult decision of which ten people will attend the funeral. They are aware that many of you would like to attend but unfortunately, due to the restrictions in place, it is not possible.

Following the service, a replay of the service, as well as a video presentation of Zoi's life in pictures, will be available for viewing.

Posted by Thomas Kotsonis 07/08/2021