Repatriation - After Death Overseas

How Does Repatriation Work?

Your loved one passes, but their wish was to be buried overseas? what is the process and what do you need to do to make it happen smoothly? There are 3 main things that need to be organised, below is a breakdown and overview of each requirement to make the process easier to understand and follow..

Repatriation - Laying them to Rest

Your Funeral Home will coordinates the flights and works together with a local funeral home in the home town, to ensure that the beloved is well looked after. There may be another ceremony for relatives prior to a burial or the Internment of the remains in the manner which was requested by the beloved or the family.

Recent Repatriations

Here are some of the recent repatriated funerals which have been organised using our online service. We assist with finding a Funeral home & hosting the details making it easy to organise notify family & friends of events around the upcoming funeral prior to the transportation of a beloved to their home country.

All upcoming Funerals at Your Departed become permanent, lasting memorials once the Burial day has finished. Memorialise your loved one and share their memories with families and friends on social media knowing that there is one central place that they can be found for future generations to reflect and remember.

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Funeral Homes Offering Repatriation Services

Saying goodbye is difficult, send you loved ones overseas with confidence, our selected Funeral Homes will help you arrange your beloved's final journey back home.


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