About Your Departed

Your Departed  is created with an understanding and the purpose of giving direction to those participating in End of Life activities, including executors, families, friends and their guests.

Providing efficient tools to locate services required and delivering the most connected way to communicate and celebrate the lives of the ones we love – both with others in the real world and online for future generations to come.


Losing someone close to you can often come as a shock, absolutely the situation for the founders of Your Departed and their families, losing both of their parents within 3 short months of each other.

“Turbulent” doesn’t start to describe the impact of losing the significant people in your life and the task of organising either the funeral or the matters of a late estate left behind can often be confusing and daunting.

During this time, the need to access accurate information and a simple way to organise Funeral events and End of life activities became obvious and speaking to others about their experiences highlighted this same fact.

Often many friends or family have not had this experience before and gaining access to the right person to ask regarding cultural practices and legal questions is a complex task indeed.


Your Departed  helps with these aspects by providing the best funeral and estate information, access to industry services and helps with the task of informing and inviting the friends and family of your departed.

Let us assist you with preparation this during this time, we help save time and reduce the stress involved with funerals and memorials.

  • Free Funeral Planner: Easing the way   you arrange an end of life event
  • Host and organise all aspects of a funeral under one roof including funeral director, venue, celebrant, suppliers, invitations and live updates for guests.

Organise a funeral for a loved one

  • Search a funeral at Your Departed.
  • Search a funeral at Your Departed.

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Funeral Notices

  • Pay tribute to a loved one.
  • Pay tribute to a loved one.

    Set up a memorial page for someone who has passed away and allow others to share and upload images, videos and testimonials.

Set up a memorial page

  • Search a Memorial at Your Departed.
  • Search a Memorial at Your Departed.

    Looking for someone special?
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Memorial Pages

Search our nation-wide service directory.
  • Search our nation-wide service directory.

    Find funeral homes, reception venues, counsellors, lawyers, lenders and florists close to you