What is Your Departed?

Every year over 150,000 Australians pass away, and for each one the task of closing the pages of one’s life can be a challenge for those who are near and dear. Your Departed exists to help those who are tasked with completing a departed’s journey and sharing their story with family and friends.

Don’t be left in the dark, let Your Departed help you to celebrate the life and times of your dear departed.

What is Your Departed?

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    • Free Funeral Planner: Easing the way   you arrange an end of life event
    • Host and organise all aspects of a funeral under one roof including funeral director, venue, celebrant, suppliers, invitations and live updates for guests.

    Organise a funeral for a loved one

    • Search a funeral at Your Departed.
    • Search a funeral at Your Departed.

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      Check our directory to find the event and it's details Register to help the family organising the day or send flowers.

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    • Pay tribute to a loved one.
    • Pay tribute to a loved one.

      Set up a memorial page for someone who has passed away and allow others to share and upload images, videos and testimonials.

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    • Search a Memorial at Your Departed.
    • Search a Memorial at Your Departed.

      Looking for someone special?
      Check our memorial pages to find your dearly departed We keep the memory of those near and dear for now and future generations

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    Search our nation-wide service directory.
    • Search our nation-wide service directory.

      Find funeral homes, reception venues, counsellors, lawyers, lenders and florists close to you

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