Reasons to create a Memorial online

When you’ve lost somebody that you loved, there are particular times of the year that are deeply significant and evocative. The most significant dates are birthdays and the anniversary of their passing. If it was a spouse then your wedding anniversary will be especially significant and other times like Christmas and your own birthday could be cause for reflection.

One of the greatest sources of comfort lies in knowing that somebody you loved played a significant role in other people’s lives. If you can read testimonials and tributes that others have written, you feel comforted in the shared feeling of loss and you start to feel grateful to have had such a wonderful person in your life.

Sometimes grief and longing stays with us because we don’t have the means to express ourselves. You can be walking down the street and something will invoke a memory and you would often love to be able to share it … well, now you can.

Online Memorial Benefits

The Your Departed site will not only support and guide you through every detail of ‘what you should do when you lose a loved one,’ but you can also create a memorial page so that the memory of your loved one lives on. You and others can post tributes at any time and from anywhere. You will be reminded and you can remind others of significant dates and anniversaries.

Last month we walked through how to register on Your Departed and how to create your personal profile, as the account holder, and most importantly the profile of the deceased.

Steps to follow

So once logged on users are presented with a page that invites them to either edit their account details, create a deceased page or to create a memorial page.

You click on add memorial but before you do, you should check out the sample memorial page to give you some ideas on what you can do with your own page.

Begin with your banner. The details of your loved one will appear and then you have the option of choosing a background. There are six very attractive and appropriate banners to choose from.

Sharing a Memorial page

From there you can choose from a variety of social media channels so you can share your memorial page with a broader audience. That will encourage others to visit the memorial and pay their own tributes. The sharing section asks for your social media login details and then you click share.

As the account holder, you upload the photos that you would like to appear permanently on the memorial and you can also upload a video if you would like to. As time goes on you may find other photos or you may choose to expand your photo gallery, the editing process is very simple.

The other section of the page is where others can post their tributes with their own photos, videos, and URLs for media that they would like to add.

It’s that simple. Tributes can be added at any time of the day or night and for every single occasion. is the least stressful way to organize the farewell of your loved one and the most appropriate and meaningful way to honour the memory of your loved one. Check out our site and see how simply you can arrange a funeral and post a memorial.