Whether the loss of a loved one is expected or not, when it happens you are going to feel overwhelmed and confused. You may, under normal circumstances, be very efficient and calm but you may not know what to do when someone dies.  

You may know what to do If you have been preparing for a loss then you may know what you need to do, if you haven’t then you will most likely feel completely in the dark. Even if you are prepared there are decisions and potentially problems that may occur just because of circumstances. Issues like getting the deceased from the location where they passed away and into the care of a funeral home takes some logistics and organisation. Not easy when you’re grieving.

Find the appropriate services – Your Departed helps you to pause and consider your options

Register with Your Departed so we can match you up with services within your locality and budget. Don’t waste loads of time filtering searches when Your Departed can do all of that for you.

Once registered you can put in your location and budget and within seconds you are in touch with any number of services that you can interact with online or by phone until you are comfortable enough to make a choice. The services range from funeral directors to estate planning and florists.

Funeral directors are the most important because you need their expertise for some logistical details that are part and parcel of somebody dying. For example, you need to have the body transferred into the care of a funeral home and there are issues like death certificates that you need a funeral director to help you with. They will help you with all of that but don’t rush, utilise the Your Departed site to do your due diligence. Consult with family and friends and ask as many questions as you can. As you require different services you can continue to reference the Your Departed site.

Personalise your funeral service

Once you have made your funeral arrangements you can build your deceased’s profile on the Your Departed site. You can include as many of the deceased’s personal details as you wish. There is an option to include a profile photo and other images and there is also a space for a heartfelt tribute.

Create a memorial

And it’s not just the funeral service provider and the associated services like flowers, venues and celebrants that we provide, you can create a memorial page for messages, tributes and testimonials.

If you want to have a lasting tribute to someone you love, creating a memorial page and inviting people to contribute is a fantastic and meaningful way to do it. It’s also a great way to remind people of important milestones and anniversaries in your loved one’s life.

After the funeral is a time when most people feel the pain of their loss most acutely. Your memorial page will remain and you can notify your family and friends of anniversaries and other times of reflection.

Start to organise your funeral and notify family and friends

The organisation hub allows you to insert every conceivable detail of your funeral and retain it so others can not only attend but will have the benefit of maps for the funeral, burial and wake, if applicable, and they will receive invitations with all of the details included.

This is not only a great way to keep people informed and to avoid confusion, it’s also a great way of keeping track of the number of attendees or guests. And funeral notices are distributed from the site and you could provide a link to your memorial page when you post notices in your local paper.

When you go to the invitations page, you will be able to include the names of each person you wish to invite and you can even upload your own contact list from your computer. That not only gives people an opportunity to pay tribute to a friend or family member, it’s great for you because you need all of the support that you can get at this difficult time.

Yourdeparted.com.au is the least stressful way to organise the farewell of your loved one. Check out our site and see how simply you can arrange a funeral.