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I am so sorry you lost Blake Shannon. It must be a very difficult time for you. I hope your new baby will help make up for your loss. She is my 4th cousin. My first cousin, Wal Arnold, would have adored her. Rewa

Posted by Rewa Bate nee Arnold 06/01/2020

Your Love and memory shall live on with Shannon and your baby daughter Ella. Shine on Blake. Aunty Recy

Posted by Recy 22/12/2019

Blake you were our first grandchild and it is fitting that you produced your mum’s first grandchild and our great-grandchild. I can still see you and your Dad Trent walking in my real estate office after doing some painting for one of our tenants - I was so proud and happy seeing you both really Happy. There will be many family members looking after your baby while you will be painting up there with your father Trent. Love 💔 Nan & Pa

Posted by Lorraine & John Daly 19/12/2019