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I was blessed to have known Brian for most of my life. Being the father of Catherine, one of my good friends dad. A caring, generous, resilient man, whom I have had many wonderful conversations with. 
Sending much love and condolences to Cat and the family. 🙏

Posted by Cindy Paisio 11/01/2023

I am very sad to hear of Brian's passing.  I met him in 1996 when I was on a year abroad & working in the Rose Bay Hotel.  He and his friends were very kind to a young Pommy visitor who didn't know the difference between a schooner and a middy, or that the glasses had to be kept in the fridge!  When I went back to London Brian and I stayed in touch and often exchanged Christmas cards or an occasional catch-up on the phone.  He was a very kind man, who would love telling me how his beloved children and grandchildren were doing.  

I send my deepest condolences to everyone, and I hope you celebrate his life well.


Posted by Jo Wall 09/01/2023