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Rookwood General Cemetery

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It breaks my heart to see you go but I will always treasure the memories we had in church. You made me feel so welcome in the Greek Community, the bus trips to Holy Cross Monastery, visits to Goulburn and giving me a lift in your car from church on Sundays. Most of all you gave me strength through your kindness, faith, friendship and understanding the grief that I was going through. Now I am grieving for losing you. May you rest in peace my dear friend Camelia. Will always remember your beautiful smile, a reflection of your kind heart. Eternal be your memories...Love you and miss you forever.

Posted by Nelly Karatzetzos 14/10/2020

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Posted by Γεώργιος, Δόρις, Σοφία, Αριστειδης Δαμδούνη & Εγγόνια από το Βερολίνο 13/10/2020

Rest in peace Aunty Camelia.
I am so glad to have you in part my life.
Your kindness and beautiful heart will be remembered forever.

Posted by Joyce 13/10/2020

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Posted by Στέλλα 13/10/2020

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