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Chang Tze.  For some reason, I remember you today.   Am shocked.  Praying that the angels carried you, and you found good rest.  Today, I remember you treating me to a Crab Claw at the Chinese Restaurant in Melbourne.  First time I had the nice friend crab claw.   So long ago.   You were always kind and you looked after your friends well.   God be with you, and Shalom. 

Posted by Norma from Ampang Jaya 06/10/2023

Dear Lye San, We are saddened by the news. Chang is my best friend in the AGSM days. All those poker games, late night supper, food tours, and many many other silly things that we did are now fond memories of a good man like you.

Posted by Alan & Vivian Ho 06/02/2021

I've spent the week sifting through thousands of photos, wondering why I could hardly find one of my uncle and I. It dawned on me that in most photos, it was he or I behind the camera; entrusted with capturing our family's memories. He was the ultimate detailed archiver. VHS tapes carefully labelled, slotted in chronological order; stored in a seperate drawer so as not to be mixed up or accidentally taped over with The Wiggles or Thomas the Tank Engine. I spent half my childhood at my aunt and uncle’s place and used to sneak out to the lounge in the middle of the night, just to watch those tapes and catch snippets of memories that seemed to just be out of grasp for my little kid brain. He taught me to be detail-oriented and resourceful. To look at a problem from every angle and make use of whatever’s at hand. I can’t count the number of times he would walk into his shed to find a makeshift piece or something he could construct, to fix whatever hurdle was standing between my cousins’ and my adventures - before finally giving in to going to the shops. Vale to one of the best guys I’ve ever known. The ultimate C-Foo (sifu). Rest in power and peace Ee-Teow. P.S. Don’t worry, I’ve got the archiving under control. ——— To my cousins and aunt, my condolences. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Posted by Maya 01/02/2021

Sad that I won’t get to see you again for chiap kut, your favourite game. I will always remember your cheerful smile & bright personality. Rest in Peace, ChangTze..... goodbye! Deepest Condolences to Lye San & family.

Posted by Millie Ling 01/02/2021

Carol Goh
My dearest Chang Tze, The angels have come for you, and you must go. We will miss you. In saying a final goodbye, I dedicate these tender lines to you: If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I would walk right up to heaven And bring you back again. No farewell word was spoken, When it was time to say goodbye. You are now gone. Only God knows why. My heart aches with sadness, And tears still flow for What you mean to me, and forever will. But now I know you want me to mourn no more, To remember all the happy times Life still has in store. Chang Tze, you’ll never be forgotten; there’ll always be a hollow place within my heart.

Posted by Carol Goh 31/01/2021

I knew Chang to be a man of impeccable character - kind, thoughtful, trustworthy and infectiously positive. I am truly honored to have known him as a person and a friend. He will be dearly missed. May his soul be at peace beside god.

Posted by Malvyn Tan 31/01/2021

We had such good times...

Posted by Carmen 31/01/2021

Goodbye dear Chang Tze. You have been a dear friend. We will miss you, your silent wisdom, generosity and witty sense of humour. Rest In Peace. Lye San, our most heartfelt condolences to you and the family. Please take care. We are always only a txt/call away. Hugs

Posted by Yee Kar & Ann 30/01/2021

Dear LyeSan,Daniel & Ben, Our deepest and heartfelt condolences to your family.Chang Tze has always been a dear friend since uni days. Over the years we might not be close distance wise ,either being in KL or in Melbourne but whenever we get to catch up it’s like old times. He will always be in our heart and will remember all the lovely times our families had together. He’s at peace with God now. It’s been an honour to be his friend.

Posted by Lillian and Wing. 30/01/2021

Sally Tan (cousin)
Dear Lye San, Daniel & Ben, Our deepest condolences. David & I are very saddened by his passing. We know that God is always with him now. May God Bless his soul & rest in peace. Amen Posted : Cousin Sally Tan 30/01/2021

Posted by Sally Tan (cousin) 30/01/2021

I will always remember Chang as a kind, gentle and caring individual. He was always happy to help and impart his great and vast knowledge of what was a very specialised area within our workplace. Chang was very well respected and liked by his colleagues in Australia and around the world. His passing leaves a hole in many people's hearts. Vale Chang ! You will not be forgotten. My thoughts are with the family and especially his son Ben who will no doubt continue his dad's legacy and great work at EFIC.

Posted by Chris Collard 30/01/2021

Liz Han
Dearest Lye and family My deepest condolences. I am very saddened by his passing. But I know that he is now with God. I am so grateful and thank God that I had such a kind hearted and great friend, mentor and manager. Chang was always there with encouragement and words of wisdom. Chang will be very missed. We remember Chang, you and your family in our prayers.

Posted by Liz Han 30/01/2021

Dear Lye San, Our Deepest Condolences to you & family on the loss of your beloved husband. It was a priviledged to have known him for the first & last time when both of you dropped by to visit my parents during your last trip back to Klang in May 2019. May his soul R.I.P. Our thoughts are with you.

Posted by From : June Tan & family 30/01/2021

Dear Aunty Lye San, Ben, Daniel and family, Our deepest sympathies and condolences for your loss. He will be greatly missed by us all. From us all in Canberra, London and Singapore, Sarah, James, Patricia, Kevin and Charles

Posted by Charles 30/01/2021

Amelia Joyner
Dear Lye, My deepest condolences to you and family. I was shocked and saddened to hear the news of Chang’s passing from Peter. I worked in Chang’s team at EFIC from 2010-15 and loved my time there. I will remember Chang as a truly kind and generous man with a great smile and sense of humour. He was a fantastic mentor to me- supportive, patient and always ready to share his wisdom and provide opportunities to learn the ropes in my first “real” job. We travelled to Paris for the OECD and India for Asian Exim Bank forum - I got to watch a master in action - and see the many colleagues who counted Chang as a dear friend from around the world. I will always value those early experiences and have continued to draw on much of Chang’s sage advise (including his insistence about the importance of knowing the local sports page wherever you are in the world) now as an Aussie diplomat in Jakarta and ASEAN. He will be sorely missed. Sending you and family my thoughts at this time. It was a privilege to have known Chang.

Posted by Amelia Joyner 30/01/2021

Dear Lye San , Daniel and Ben, Our Deepest condolences and sympathy from all of us here in Klang. We will miss him dearly but his cheerfulness, generosity and kindness lives on . Chang Tze is always be remembered for his innate interest in others wellbeing. Our thoughts with you .

Posted by Hing Pheng , Kuan, Terence, Kit and Gene 30/01/2021

Dear Lye San & Family, We are very sad that Chang Tze is no longer with us. We felt very privileged to have known such a kind, considerate and gentle man. Our thoughts are with you.

Posted by Victor, Wan & Family 30/01/2021

Divinity Funerals
Click on the link to view the funeral service for the Late Chang Tze Foo

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Posted by Divinity Funerals 30/01/2021

Dear Lye, It is with much sadness that we receive the news on Chang’s passing. He was always a kind, gentle and genuine friend who we valued so dearly. He always struck us as a focused and fun competitor in all the sporting activities we enjoyed together. From indoor soccer to badminton, I still remember all of the magical moments he produced during our 10 years of indoor soccer with Hock, George, Nick, Jeff, Edward, Wilson and many other families). It definitely showed as he fought to his very last day. We draw comfort from the fact he rests now in peace, but he will be dearly missed. Sending our deepest condolences and sympathies.

Posted by Kiat Seong 30/01/2021

Dear Lye and family, Dear friends and colleagues of Chang, Please accept my deepest sympathy and condolences. I have known Chang since 1999 Berne Union Spring meeting in London. I have seldom had a similar feeling of ”being on the same wave length” so instantly. My last meeting with Chang was on May 23, 2019 when you Lye and Chang stopped in Helsinki for a day during your Baltic cruise. We got to spend the whole day together seeing sights and having lunch together. We discussed our lives, the illness and other challenges but mainly we discussed things bringing us joy. Throughout the years I could always rely on Chang’s warmth, excellent professional advice, support in my endeavors and his excellent judgement. I am very grateful for having had the priviledge of having known Chang. I’ll soon be watching the Funeral live stream from Sydney and joining you in your prayers. 🙏🏻 Topi Topi Vesteri Employed in Finnvera 1998-2019 Former Berne Union MLT Chair, Vice President and President Now retired on old age pension, Founder and CEO of Agency Advisors and Services Oy

Posted by Topi Vesteri 30/01/2021

Such sad news. A man I throughly enjoyed working with and being in his company. He who was always quick to smile, show warmth, and had such strong integrity and sense of purpose. Nothing was too much trouble. Chang you will be missed.

Posted by Dougal Crawford 30/01/2021

Hock Lim
Chang's favourite lunch & lunch partner

Posted by Hock Lim 29/01/2021

I am so very sorry, Lye. I have known that his health was deteriorating but I am still shaken by the news, which I also got from Angus and Peter. Chang will always be a kind, patient, smiling face in my mind and I will always remember him when I look back on the occasions we met, and whenever I attend a Berne Union event or hear about Export Finance Australia. Actually, I “see” the faces of my few Australian friends each time I hear news about your country. All this to say that Chang will continue to be present in my mind, possibly forever. I feel for you and your children, and hope that they, and your adorable grandson, help comfort your heart at this time. I believe Chang is in peace and that God will sustain you and your family. Receive a huge hug from Madrid. I hope to continue hearing from you, if not directly, through Peter and Angus.

Posted by Carmen Vara 29/01/2021

ye San and family Our deepest sympathy and condolences from all the FOO family in New York, Brunei and melbourne. Please take care🙏🏻

Posted by Nin Ho 29/01/2021

Dear Lye, just heard about Chang. Pls accept my heartfelt condolences. May the Almighty give you all the strength to face this loss. I pray for his soul which may now rest in peace. He will always be in our memory. Pls take care.

Posted by Deepali 29/01/2021

Dear Lye, thank you for letting me know. Let him rest now. Prayers and strength to all of you 🙏🙏🙏 I have very warm memories of Chang and will always miss him. Please take care.

Posted by Meghana Jokyler 29/01/2021

Thank you for letting us know Lye. May Chang be at peace and rest now. We will always fondly remember our brilliant, warm and fun loving friend. Sending you and family a big hug and much care. Stay strong and well. David.

Posted by David Rasquinha 29/01/2021

So sad to hear Chang has gone, relief that he is now in peace. Lye, our deepest condolences for your loss. Chang is wonderful person, We love him and miss him. Please take care.

Posted by Flonie and Alvin 29/01/2021

ale Chang. A great guy and so talented. At EFIC he and I did footy tips every Friday for many years, he pretty well always beat me!

Posted by Jon Davis 29/01/2021

A great guy who will be missed by all who knew him. A real loss. Graham

Posted by Graham North 29/01/2021

He was such a genuine nice guy - always happy and seeing the positive side of life. Will miss him. Ann

Posted by Ann Russell Cook 29/01/2021

Very sad news. Such a positive, gentle man. Slater

Posted by Slater Smith 29/01/2021

Thanks for letting us know, Angus. Was thinking about him yesterday out of the blue and now I know why. Such an allround great person he will be missed by his family and all who knew him. May he rest now. Claudia

Posted by Claudia Bels 29/01/2021

Lovely man. R I P. Stefan

Posted by Stefan Trofimovs 29/01/2021

Its with great sadness to hear this news. Chang may your god look after you. Miss you dearly mate. Mick

Posted by Michael Costa 29/01/2021

Thank you for telling us. It is a sad day. He was a true gentleman and scholar. As your comments suggest he will be missed by many of us.

Posted by John McElveneys 29/01/2021

Dear Lye, I just heard the shocking news and want to express my and my family’s deepest condolences to you on the death of Chang. He was such a valued colleague and a dear friend in so many ways to me and my family. Periodically my family and I would talk about you both and wonder how you were doing and muse about visiting Australia in the not too distant future. And of course visiting you and Chang was part of that. Now of course, that is not to be with our friend Chang. It is a reminder of how fleeting life can be and that time waits for no one. We wish you and your family well as you mourn this loss. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if we might be able to help you, particularly during this period of mourning. With Our Deepest Sympathies, Ken, Ingrid and Izabella Kenneth M. Tinsley, Chief Risk Officer and Senior Vice President- Office of Risk Management

Posted by Ken Tinsley 29/01/2021

Dear Lye, I just wanted to express our deepest condolences about passing away of Chang. As I responded to Swati when hearing the sad news: I remember Chang (and you!) in the BU meetings, and occasionally in the OECD meetings during perhaps 20 years time. He was always constructive, ready to help others and eager to share experiences, understanding the business and always being in good spirits, in summary a perfect gentleman in international circles. Our deepest condolences to whole of the family, from Finnvera team Pekka Karkovirta

Posted by Pekka Karkovirta 29/01/2021

Dear Lye, On behalf of the Berne Union community, I want to express my heart-felt condolences to you and your family with the passing of Chang. Chang was a friend of many in the Berne Union, as you know very well of course. He was much liked for both his professionalism, his kindness and his positive attitude. He is dearly missed. As you know as well, I met Chang at many occasions both in and outside meetings and much enjoyed his company and wisdom. I am also happy that Adjiedj met him and you. Adjiedj joins me in the condolences. I realise that Chang was already ill for a while. But having to part from your loved one is always a shock. I wish you and your sons every strength to get through this difficult period. Let me know what the Berne Union or I can do for you. My thoughts are with you. Kind regards, Vinco Vinco David | Secretary General Berne Union | International Union of Credit & Investment Insurers

Posted by Vinco David 29/01/2021

Dear Mrs. Chang Foo, On behalf of all our colleagues and the Management of ECGC Limited, we extend our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and sincerely pray to the Almighty to provide eternal peace to the blessed soul. We fondly recall his long association with us and feel deeply saddened by his unexpected demise. May God grant you and your family enough strength to bear the irreparable loss to the family. With kind regards, Sristiraj Ambastha General Manager ECGC Limited

Posted by Sristiraj Ambastha 29/01/2021

Ron, Michal 3:16 AM (10 hours ago) to me Dear Lye, As President of the Berne Union and behalf of all its members world-wide, I wish to convey to you our deep condolences. The sadness at the Berne Union is immense, with messages from individuals and organisations outpouring since yesterday. We all treasure the wonderful memories of time passed with Chang, both at the Berne Union meetings as well as the more personal encounters in-between. Chang was very loved by our community. His significant contributions to the Berne Union and, above all, his positive approach and warm, sunny personality will be greatly missed. You and your family are very much in our thoughts. Warm regards, Michal Ron Michal Ron | Berne Union President Chief International Officer | SACE

Posted by Ron Michal 29/01/2021

Dear Chang-Tze, it is with much sadness that I hear of your passing. I will remember you as a good and kind friend from the time we met in Year 12 and will always cherish the time we spent together. Dear Lye San and family, deepest condolences on your loss.

Posted by Chee Ming 29/01/2021

Eleanor & Brian Koh
It is with heavy hearts and sadness that we never had a chance to catch up again and to say goodbye but we know that you were tired and God had plans for you. We are so blessed with your friendship and are consoled with the recent memories shared when we were back in Sydney and these we will cherish forever in our hearts. We will miss you ! Rest In Peace dear friend and May the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand. Dear Lye and family, sending you healing prayers and comforting hugs during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with you always . Love Eleanor, Brian, Natalie and Ken

Posted by Eleanor & Brian Koh 29/01/2021

Chang Tze, we feel thankful to have you as our brother-in-law. When we had opportunities to get together, you were always generous with your time (will miss those Sydney and Melbourne drive tours..) and always made us feel very welcome in your home during our stays. You were always relatable, had a witty sense of humour and always strived to excel in everything you do (those chap kut games were always enjoyable and you were the undisputed chap kut king!). We will cherish the memorable holidays we had together from budget in our younger days with our boys graduating to more luxury over the years. We will miss the Trans-Tasman banter with you on cricket and rugby. We will truly miss you ... Dear San & family, our deepest sympathies for your loss from Paul, Lay Chin and Alex

Posted by Paul and Lay Chin Wan 29/01/2021

Goodbye Chang Tze. You were the best friend anyone could ever wish to have. I was truly blessed to have known you all these years. R.I.P. Dear Lye San and family, words cannot truly express your loss. Deepest condolences from Vera, Thomas, Tracy and me.

Posted by Tan Swee Kai 29/01/2021

Divinity Funerals
Click on the link to view the funeral service for the Late Chang Tze Foo

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Posted by Divinity Funerals 28/01/2021

Dear Lye San and family So sorry for your loss. We draw comfort that Chang Tze is now in a better place free of pain and suffering. Keeping all of you in prayer. Much love, Joyce

Posted by Joyce Cheam 28/01/2021

Dear Lye San and families, I am so sorry for your loss and you all are on our prayers for this difficult time. He lived a good life because of you and know that he is in better place where there are no pain. Thinking of you all and sending you a big hugs . May his soul Rest In Peace. Love, Nilar

Posted by Nilar Win 28/01/2021

Please do not send wreaths or flowers. The family would prefer to direct tributes to the charities below. A collection box for each charity will be placed at the funeral service.
• The Brain Cancer Group (based on the North Shore Campus)
• Concord Hospital Palliative Care Centre
Dress code for funeral service - Smart casual (NOT totally black attire)
Wake information - RSVP for catering

Posted by Divinity Funerals Funerals 28/01/2021