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Christopher & Teresita Mercer

Posted by Tv 21/09/2020

Ungoy Allan/ Harry manok Leo
Talking about the likelihood of a nuclear war and deciding we should have some more drinks

Posted by Ungoy Allan/ Harry manok Leo 18/09/2020

Kim Kelly
Information for guests attending Mayfield Ex-Services Club following service

Posted by Kim Kelly 16/09/2020

Lauren Lee
I know some people complain about their in-laws, but I hit the jackpot. Leo was nothing but kind and welcoming to me from the beginning, he made me feel like I had been part of the family for years. There was nothing he wouldn't do to support us and be there for us, his family and his friends. A man with a big heart and a bigger sense of humour. I feel incredibly lucky that I got to be a part of his life for 12 years. It's never long enough, but it was an absolute gift.

Even though I can't be there to celebrate his life with you all on Friday, I feel like anytime I can help someone out, I try to look on the brightside of things, I tell a silly joke, that I get to celebrate him. I will be thinking of you all and how much we love this amazing man. Vale Leo, you were one of a kind and the best father-in-law anyone could have.

Posted by Lauren Lee 14/09/2020

Dad 💙

Posted by Kim 13/09/2020

For many, a funeral is a ritual of loss and connection where we remember our loved ones who have passed and comfort the living.  The corona-virus outbreak has altered that ritual and changed the way we say goodbye: the loss remains, the connections change.

The new relaxing of restrictions allows a limited number of mourners inside the church (100) as long as social distancing rules are followed. Following the service, a private family cremation will take place. Family and friends are invited to a Wake in the remembrance of Dennis following the church service. The Wake will be held at the Mayfield Ex-Services Club, Mayfield .

Posted by Kim Kelly 12/09/2020

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