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Beautiful send off 😭😭 Rest in Love sissy. Alofa e le uma ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Rex 12/05/2020

I'm shocked to learn of your departure - but goodness, our heavenly father has taken such a beautiful angel, as he knew you are needed more with him. Your smile always so humble, true and infectious. During our college days at St Marys College in Ponsonby Auckland, you were always, and I mean always happy - you were so giving, smiling and a humble sister. Scabbing 20cents just to get an iceblock from the tuckshop (lol), you would always give. Rest in Peace, Rest in Love Diane. It was a pleasure to have known you. See you on the other sis. Much love to your family xox

Posted by Pina Cocker, Auckland NZ 12/05/2020

Rest Easy Sis. See you on the other side. TAY ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

Posted by TAY ST 12/05/2020

Matou te momoli atu faamaisega ma faamafanafana i matua Sooalo Luaei ma Sarai, tama ia Tui male fanau pele male aiga. Ia tatou maua le lototele ma le fiafia ona ole valaau Paia ale Atua ile uso, Tina, toalua ao se up mamae foi ile agaga. E ui ise mafutaga ile olaga ae mea moni ole tatou iuga lava lea tatou toe foi lava e faatasi ma lo tatou Alii pe afai Lona lea finagalo. Seka ele galo oe ile mafaufau male agaga e itiiti se taimi Sa tatou mafuta ai ae le tauilo le tamalii I ana aga ma Lana tu.. May you rest in Love sis. Plss Tapa and John would pls play this song just to dedicate our love and how we miss her lovely smile. O Mafutaga Nei e Lelei. Posted by your family from Lalomalava Savaii

Posted by Family in Lalomalava 12/05/2020

Malachi, Jack & Princess ❤️
Feels like it was only yesterday. You with your beautiful red lips jamming to the sounds, Jack being cool and calm as always. Birdiez speeding, setting off all the speed cameras in Melbourne and me eating egg sandwiches in the back seat... cruising and laughs all the way. Thank you for so many beautiful memories. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. The kids and I miss you dearly. I love you Di, till we meet again❤️🙏

Posted by Malachi, Jack & Princess ❤️ 12/05/2020

My cousin with the golden voice. Hailed from a musically talented family had a voice that would just reach down deep into your soul. May your soulful spirit and all that you are continue to live through your children and the generations to come. We love you dearly and hope to meet you in our Heavenly Fathers Kingdom.

Posted by Anonymous 11/05/2020

ia manuia lau malaga sissy 😭 very hard to watch for me. Thank you, for always embracing me in the most warmest of hugs no matter where we would cross paths. I’ll forever remember and cherish that golden laugh and precious smile. I love you

Posted by Min 11/05/2020

Thank you for never failing to love not only your entire family but everyone around you! So selfless, so gentle and always so nurturing. Rest In Peace my beautiful big sis... I love & miss you 😭❤️

Posted by Moors 11/05/2020

Rest in love gorgeous, still can’t believe your gone. Maua Sou nofoaga tumau I le Lagi. Manuia lau Malaga 😭😭😭😭

Posted by Frieda Sooalo 11/05/2020

Denne Cruz
You are invited to view the service of Diane Iupeli, please click on the link below to be directed to the video of the service. Starts 12th May 10:55am  to 12.50pm Diane Iupeli   .

Posted by Denne Cruz 11/05/2020

Celebrating the life of one of God’s finest creations. A wife, mother, sister, daughter DIANE MARIE VITALE with a heart of Gold. Fly high, alofa e le uma🤍🕊

Posted by Marie Zenaider Vitale 11/05/2020