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EJ was full of a zest for life. I knew her as the loving partner of my Aunty Judy, and the two of them were always full of adventures, both of them remarkable women. Both were faced with many challenges to their health and they supported each other with courage and spirit. After Judy died EJ took the time to stay in touch with our family, and my mum and I loved following her solo adventures. Our sincere condolences to her family.

Posted by Kellie Leigh (and Helen Leigh). 23/02/2019

EJ (Ellen Jean) had the biggest heart of anyone I knew. No wonder it stopped working because she gave so much of it to everyone, especially my Aunty Judy and of course her beloved Mandy. They are all together in peace now. The world is a sadder place for passing. Love Robyn Hollis (nee Portch). Also in behalf of my daughters Jessica and Ashley and their father Philip Hollis.

Posted by Robyn Hollis 23/02/2019

Stephen Portch
My Aunty, Judith Leigh was EJ's partner for many years until her passing in 2006. She gave my Aunty many years of love and companionship, excitement travel and contentment following Judith's difficult early years which were marred by crippling health issues and later adult years caring for her disabled mother. Her years with EJ who she loved and admired were the happiest years of her life. EJ's enthusiasm for life, boundless positivity and courage to take on any challenge were the qualities that Judith admired and loved in her. She was an inspiration to us all. Stephen Portch - on behalf of Portch Family

Posted by Stephen Portch 23/02/2019