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Camden General Cemetery

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Fond memories of our time at IRD. Still remember our days back then. You were such a lovely lady and always talked about your church hats. Have not seen you in over 10 years but fond memories of you none the less. See you in glory one day sis. Just learnt about your passing today.

Posted by Pastor Cliff Wadsworth 27/02/2021

I couldn't sing for you on your last day my sister, I know I would sound like a wreck, but leading to the day you left, I remember you would be singing with me over the phone, it broke mum's heart to find you were gone to be with our Master the day before you were laid to rest. She cried saying blessed are you to rest in the arms or our creator now, no more work for you here. I will miss your encouragement, your lectures when I would call you to get some support because I didn't want to lead worship at church because I wasn't sure what to say & what people would think of me, you would say to me "sis! Don't be afraid of those people, fear the Lord more if you don't do what you were called to do, speak the truth, never take part if their fun & games in church, remember you are standing on holy ground!... Something I didn't want to hear but you helped me grow spiritually, you taught me to stand strong in my faith though when I would see the world crumble around me, you said "don't believe in what you see, just believe in what you can't see, breakthrough is coming breakthrough is coming, you would call on Sunday just before I walk on stage & I'd have to quickly put my phone on silent, that's because you wanted to make sure I was prepared to offer the Lord the best of what I could give back to him. Rayes so right with her sharing, lol You have touched so many hearts, you Put everyone's needs before your own, no matter how unwell you were at times you'd still allow people to come over so you could help them. I would get so frustrated with you at times because it would be very late at night & you're still helping families out, you only would have a few hours to rest before going to work... You would say to me... Sis don't be like that they really need help. Some some people would be knocking at your door for help 2am in the morning & you will still take them in. You were so selfless. I miss you so much sis, we'd vent to you & you would would not side with us but look at the picture first and hear both sides of the story before giving us a lecture then advice. Oh how I miss you so much 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

Posted by MuaJr 25/01/2021

Cuz u will forever in my ❤️❤️❤️ heart,so so sorry sorry,I wish I'm there to celebrate ur last day in earth,say hi to mama,papa,anty's, nd uncle in heaven, specially my mum!! Rest in God's love cuz,love 💕💕💕 you forever From me Saolele nd my kids Melbourne

Posted by Saolele Benjamin Scanlan 22/01/2021

I didn't want to acknowledge it because then I'd have to accept it, but now that I've watched your homegoing service, there's no denying it, cuz. You're gone and I miss you. Even though there is no roller-coaster on this earth that could match the ups, downs, turns and loops in our relationship, you were always there for me when it mattered, when I needed you the most. I miss the laughs; we had the same sense of humour that most couldn't handle. I miss that look, that side-eye that you've perfected over the years; if one didn't understand it, they'd be afraid. I miss your voice, the talent you were gifted with, I've watched and listened to growing up. Last but most definitely not the least, I miss your beautiful truth, the kind and caring person that you are, never asking but always giving and if you didn't have it, you'd find a way to get it. Cuz, you will be missed so much. You will be remembered forever in my heart!!! Rest in love my beautiful cousin!!!

Posted by Raye M 22/01/2021

For many, a funeral is a ritual of loss and connection where we remember our loved ones who have passed and comfort the living.  The corona-virus outbreak has altered that ritual and changed the way we say goodbye: the loss remains, the connections change.

The new relaxing of restrictions allows 30 mourners inside the chapel as long as social distancing rules are followed.

There is also an RSVP tab that you can click that assists the family with numbers.

Posted by Divinity Funerals Funerals 19/01/2021