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George’s final resting place
121 Linden St, Sutherland NSW 2232, Australia

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Kelly Dixon
Unlikely Friendships can be the ones that are the Fondest & last the Longest. George “Spanky” Sikos, thank you for being a friend, someone who I could talk to, work for, laugh with & trust. And especially be myself with! Some of my friends & family got to know you or meet you at some stage & when I shared that you had left us, they also shed a tear with me. I tried to get there to be with you last week and even though you couldn't hold on, I know, you know, I tried. I had a special lifeline into the room & place where you last slept..and I know you had loved ones by your side & were not in pain those last moments. You were a good person & saw the the best in life and people. Rest in Peace with your beloved “Charlie” now. Kell (Spanky)

Posted by Kelly Dixon 18/12/2020

Monica Recnik
To My Darling Georgie Boy (Chiko), Those early days 10 years ago were a hoot! And who would have thought, that 7 years later, that we would become best friends and room-mates! You were a joy to live with, and we shared so many good times. You fought to the very end baby, and I promised you that I would never leave your side, and I didn't. Home isn't "home" without you, and I'm missing our chats, fun and laughter. Knowing that you are no longer suffering is what is keeping me going. RIP My BESTIE ROOMIE. I will never forget you, and will always cherish our love and mateship forever. Fly high ..... 🙏🙏🙏 All my love always, Monza 💕💕💕

Posted by Monica Recnik 14/12/2020