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Dear Sudeepda, please accept our heartfelt condolences. Auntyjis warmth and affection will always stay in our hearts and she will be dearly missed. Mummy wanted to speak to you, jagdeepda and arundeepda. What would be the best number to speak to you.

Posted by Debashis Pal 22/02/2019

Very sad to hear ...may her departed soul rest in peace n may God give u all the strength to bear this irrepairalbe loss...I have fond memories of her..

Posted by Kiki Khurana 22/02/2019

I thank you all for being here for a final goodbye to mum, and I’m sure she’s looking from above delighted to see you all here. She’s left a massive void in our lives, being not only a great mother for me but also a great grandmother for my children she was known as a kind and giving lady, the Kashmiri Aunty to people in the Sydney Gurdwara. She touched and enriched our lives with her presence. Even in the hospital, bedridden and needing the most attention, she was more concerned with whether the nurses aiding her had had their meals and tea. I would also like to take this time to pay respects and give thanks to the SANs hospital service and staff. She brought us up with good values importantly enlisting the value of ‘live and let live’, and always being forgiving of other’s shortcomings. She ensured that we three brothers got the best out of life, education, from the first breakfast to the last diner, love and even my maths homework. She prepared us mentally in her last days for her final farewell and ensured that we were strong enough to handle it with grace. From now on we will celebrate her life with good memories and happiness. I am fortunate to be your son. Goodbye mum until we meet again.

Posted by Sudeep Singh Sahdeva 22/02/2019

My deepest condolences for this dear saintly mother. She often fed me when I was in Calcutta. My tears are now flowing for her.. You were a mother to me and so many. Love you Ma, May your soul rest in peace.

Posted by Rodney Stone 22/02/2019

when us kids were asked to write a speech it didn’t take long to figure out what to talk about, it did however take a long time to condense it which i think is testament within itself of how important our dadi was in our lives. her love was so shown so abundantly in the little things, whether it was regaling tales of the Gurus or how naughty our dads were as a kids or how we would scarcely even mention the idea of being hungry and she would be up and in the kitchen making us something or another though she has gone, she lives on in the legacy she has left behind and most of all in the memories, like how she patiently taught me and ebbani how to knit or when she’d do our kangi before school and it would hurt so bad, it’s funny how even the moments we’d dread have become such sweet, cherished memories of ours. My most standout memory must be of the times she’d tell us about the Char Sahibzade and their last moments with their dadi, she always told the story with such solemnity and so I think it’s only right to end with a line from the movie, vela aa giya hain dadi judiya da Goodbye Dadi, you live on in the memories and impact you’ve left behind, just know we all love you very much and miss you.

Posted by Meera Kaur, Ebbani Kaur, Anniya Kaur and Arman Sahdeva 20/02/2019

I’m a momma’s boy. There, I said it. It seems like I spent much of my early years trying to avoid that label, but mom passed away less than a week ago, and the least I can do is to publicly acknowledge that she was the person most responsible for shaping who I am. I am her second born of three children. Jaipal Kaur, 80, passed away at Sydney Adventist hospital — as she would have wanted, with someone from the family by her side. Her youngest son sudeep was there by her side. I was on on my way from the car park to the hospital and missed the opportunity.Her death came less than 2 weeks after she was diagnosed with lymphoma. No matter what you think of me, I believe you would have liked my mom. Most people did. She had a warm smile and made an effort to connect with everyone she met. Everybody thinks they have a great mom, but as kids, we KNEW we had a great mom because everybody else told us so. She mothered all our friends who came into the house, even those with perfectly good mothers of their own not only did she love us three but she loved everyone in her life. She’s the one who made sure I never went through a day of my life doubting that somebody loved me or doubting that somebody was proud of me. Her values form the basis for mine, most of them drilled into me with time-worn sayings such as kirat karo naam japo vand chhako. While at the hospital she was concerned for all the nurses looking after her. She always asked them if they had had their breakfast, lunch and dinner. One nurse told me that she misses her mom when she comes to see my mom. I would like to thank the staff and the doctors at Sydney Adventist hospital for providing mom with excellent care. Mom my life can never be the same again. You have left a large void in my life that will never be filled up. I hope that you will me my mom in all my births.

Posted by Jagdeep S Sahdeva 20/02/2019

My dearest Jaipal masiji...cruel hands of destiny snatched you away from your dear ones.you left for your heavenly abode too soon not giving a chance to fathom this hard fact of life.you were the most positive n happy person with a modern n logical approach towards life,giving precious advices to everyone u loved be it a child or an elderly person.always eager to learn with sharp sense of learning.you found happiness in small things in life.you will forever remain in our hearts....miss you always masiji..

Posted by Meenu Mehta 19/02/2019

Anoop, I am Jaipal 's elder sister Meri Behna Jaipal Nikhar gayi, badi dur chali gayi. Bahut bahut yaad aandi pai hai meri choti behna Jaipal di. Jaipal was my Soulmate....I could share all my feelings, and ups and downs of life with Behna Jaipal. She was my sister,my friend my everything. I am missing you Jaipal Now just sitting & remembering your talks.

Posted by Anoop, Jaipal 's sister 19/02/2019

It's really painful hear that massi ji is not with us now Our deep condolences 🙏 We will miss her May her soul rest in peace.

Posted by Upinder Kaur niece 19/02/2019

Don’t have words to express my sorrow on masi’s passing away, she will always be in our hearts. May Waheguru keep her with him and give us all strength to bear this loss huge loss. I will always remember her laughing and smiling.

Posted by Punita Sachdeva niece 19/02/2019

Love you mere bhenji you are so great can’t write you were you will always be with me you were full of patience ready to help others we had very nice time with you in Calcutta always used to wake up with your phone call I had very nice time with you will always miss you still can’t believe that you have left us you were so elegant.

Posted by Raminder Kaur younger sister 19/02/2019

She was more than a sister-she was my best friend.we spent our childhood together, going to school playing all sorts of games n watching movies.She was beautiful,smiling,kind and helpful to everyone.She loved cooking and used to cook delicious food-loved to feed everyone.She was so kind and compassionate.Always sacrificed her needs and her happiness for others.She had very soft heart and love for her family.She was truly a great soul.I am going to miss her always May God bless her kind soul.

Posted by Harpal Kaur younger sister 19/02/2019

Satsriakal Jaipal masi...as I am penning my thoughts & love to you...masi my heart is blank....naturally masi, its very sad to agree that you are gone. Really wanted to some miracle to happen to save you from the clutches of death. You have left us masi...its a bitter truth. Hey Masi your Simplicity and innocence will be fondly remembered. Jovial and full of beans, you never let problems deter you. Masi you are so popular among the Adults and children..your wonderful sense of humour has made you the charm of our family. Always peaceful, dignified & sober....you remained composed at all times. You had a tremendous capacity to remain unperturbed in any situation..Your family is truly proud of you masi. Masi your Simplicity and respect makes you a pleasant person to interact with..Masi Love you so much......will miss you always. My heart is not agreeing to write about you in the past tense.

Posted by Navneet, Jaipal masi 's niece 19/02/2019