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It was my pleasure to be Jeanne's treating gastroenterologist for 15 years. Jeanne was a wonderful stoic intelligent lady who managed better than anyone could have with severe Crohn's disease and intestinal failure. Jeanne managed to continue fulltime work despite being physically unwell and requiring hospital and occasionally ICU care. Along with this Jeanne always placed her family first. She showed great strength to care for her ageing Mum despite being unwell herself. Jeanne valued her family and would always update me about everyone's activities. Jeanne was very resilient and did not always want to do what everyone necessarily wanted her to. Her mental strength was incredible. She was a person of great compassion and understanding and showed a lot of love for her family. Jeanne achieved a lot despite being unwell which is a credit to not only her but also her supportive family. I will miss Jeanne and am sorry I'm unable to attend this wonderful lady's funeral. My deepest condolences to all the family and friends. She will be sorely missed. Deepest regards and sympathy, Sean.

Posted by Dr Sean Griffin 05/09/2018

Any photos and tributes are welcome !

Posted by Johanna Peters 31/08/2018