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Magnolia Chapel, Macquarie Park NSW, Australia

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There is no salt. It's a salty tear of pain,

which lies over and over, over all the salt flats.

(Tone Pavček: Tear)

Dear Dylan, sincere condolences, Sonja

Posted by Sonja 20/02/2024

I was so lucky  to meet and spend time with Mary last summer. She was such a beautiful soul and brought her natural love and kindness to every conversation we had. 

Rest in peace sweet Mary. <3

Dylan, my love and thoughts are with you and your family  xxx

Posted by SUSAN NORRIS 16/02/2024

We met her at last year's Mastermind conference in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, where she specifically dedicated a special prayer to our unborn baby. This prayer will remain in our memory forever. We are honoured to have been with her for at least a few moments of her life, but at that time, we felt her lifelong kindness, love, sincere compassion, and simplicity. She was an exceptional woman with a huge heart.

Dear Dylan, sincere condolences, Anja and Damijan with family <3

Posted by Anja Pustak & Damijan Planar 15/02/2024

Dear Dylan,

I am surprised and very sad by the news that your dear mother passed away.

It will be an eternal mystery what kind of plans God has for us. Why is he acting like that? It also raises the question of life and death. Sometimes it's hard to comfort yourself and we can't understand that he's right.

Nice to meet you and Mary. She was a wonderful woman, full of knowledge and experience. She was proud and happy when she listened to your lecture in Nova Gorica. She saw how the participants were surrounding and addressing you. She was aware that your job is demanding and that you help a lot of people. She loved you immensely.

When we went to the Sveta gora to our pilgrimage church and arrived just as mass began, she carefully followed the ritual and listened. I took her to receive Holy Communion. She was happy and full of God's blessing.

It was nice when you cooked your specialties in my kitchen for Petra's birthday. We ate it all. It was a little bit spicy, but the guests washed it down with a glass of wine.

I know she had many more plans. She lived for all of you and you were in her thoughts.

I wish her to rest in peace where she is.

My sincere condolences to all of you. She will forever remain in your and our hearts and memories,

Sonja with all our family

Posted by Sonja Šinigoj 15/02/2024

I had the pleasure of enjoying her deliciously spicy home cooked meals and warm company every time I'd go to Dylan's home. It was almost a ritual we'd do, to fuel-up before going out for a big dance. Treasured memories.

Posted by Cem Oztunc 15/02/2024

I first met Mary in 2010 when she was visiting Dylan in London.

I was a yoga teacher at Dylan's yoga studio and we had arranged to have dinner all together.

They both came to the house where I lived with two other yoga teachers and she made us the most incrediable meal.

Yoga teachers love to eat and this was nothing short of delicious, sharing stories and learning about each others cultures.  

I was so grateful for the love and generosity she showed us that evening. 
Her cheeky wit and charm was such a gift to experience. 

We all had families living outside of the UK and being in the presence of motherly love again felt so precious.

I remember this evening with such fondness, it was such a pleasure to be with you Mary. 

Sending my love and deepest condolences to Dylan, Sangeeta and family.


Posted by Maria Kerewaro 15/02/2024

Dear Dylan ,Sangeeta,Nigel & family,

we are saddened at Esther's demise ,condolences to you.

We spent an afternoon with her in October last year,& enjoyed our time talking about the old days .. am glad we had that last time with her. She was a lovely person ,& though we will miss her, she is at peace now

Posted by Mary Martin Samuel ( Christine has posted earlier) 15/02/2024

Esther, as she was affectionately known to us, had been a wonderful sister to us and a doting mother to our children. We have known her since the 1980s in Malaysia and strengthened our bond when she emigrated to Australia. Her generosity knew no bounds as she would not hesitate to lend her helping hand even when it was inconvenient to her.


Her dedication to Christ and her evangelisation of Christianity was her priority after her commitments to her children and grandchildren. In her short life, she achieved a great deal and we can only look in amazement at how she successfully juggled her faith, chaplaincy, advocacy, and family.


You have been tragically taken away from us so suddenly and we pray that you find eternal rest in God’s Kingdom.


We love and miss you. Our heartfelt condolences to all her loved ones especially Dylan, Sangeetha, Nigel, Arya, Ezra and Rose.




Posted by Clement and Santha Fernandez 15/02/2024


Posted by Mr & Mrs Jo and Sheila 15/02/2024


Mary - the words inspiring, loving, dedicated, humble, hilarious & kind come to my mind and heart today.

When Dylan spoke of you, it was like hearing the embodiment of human warmth & kindness form in front of me. And then she did, only last summer.

How blessed, honoured and privileged I am to have spent time with you.

Because you showed me what it was to live a life of service, as yours was to your family, your people and your God.

You remain to me an emblem & example of feminine warmth, softness & love.

I am inspired by your life, whose legacy now lives on in your spirit. In your beautiful family, also. Thank you for such a gift. 

Today, Earth gives an angel up to heaven. 

You are loved. Rest now in Peace.

Posted by Lizzie 15/02/2024

I will always be thankful for my journey with Divorce Care and the love and wisdom Mary shared with me at my most challenging time. Her depth oh compassion and wisdom were truely incredible and her big heart for God and her ministry of Divorce Care such a mighty legacy. Mary you have touched and changed so many lives. I will miss you. Love Mel Lloyd 

Posted by Melinda Lloyd 15/02/2024

Mary was truly wonderful woman, the Great Woman. Her kindness and wisdom remain with us 💛. She gave us valuable thoughts as an important traveler for Life. Thank you, dear Mary 🙏🙏🙏. Be well up there among the stars 🌟🌟🌟.

Posted by Ana in Ciril Makovec from Slovenija 15/02/2024

Judith Bitanga

I thank God for bringing such a wonderful person in my life who treated me as a daughter, friend, and sister. Mary you are loved beyond words. Missed beyond measure.  Always & forever in our hearts.

Posted by Judith Bitanga 15/02/2024

Mary came into my life when I found myself alone in Sydney and then Wollongong. As to many others, she was like an angel arriving at the right time, bringing Gods love into a dark time. She was truly a servant of God who shared His peace and kindness with all she came in contact with. Mary faithfully went out of her way to help me and faithfully prayed for me, as well as asking others to pray for me. She never forgot me, and I don't think she forgot anyone else either. She really treated people like family. I know she gave hope to me and clearly to many others. Thank you Mary for being faithful to Jesus and being His hands, feet and heart to so many. 

Posted by Julie in Adelaide 15/02/2024

I had the privilege of meeting Mary during one of Dylan's in-person programmes in the UK and was instantly drawn to her gentle and compassionate nature. She always had a kind word for me, delivered with a warm smile, and held no judgement. She is an example to aspire to. ❤️

Posted by Wendy 15/02/2024

Shaaira Siraj

Dear Aunty Mary,

Your teaching went far beyond the classroom, touching my life with compassion, love, and kindness. Your listening ear and comforting presence during our talks made a lasting impact on me. I am grateful for the moments we shared and the wisdom you imparted. Thank you for being a guiding light in my life and for the profound influence you had on both my mother and I.

As I navigate life's kitchen, your recipes and on-the-go cooking techniques will always remain with me, infusing every dish with memories of your warmth and care.

Posted by Shaaira Siraj 14/02/2024


Posted by Mary Samuel 14/02/2024

We met last year when she accompanied her son to a conference in Slovenia. Her loving energy drew me to her and we chatted a few times during those days. She was truly a reflection of pure Love and Grace. Her son Dylan will continue this mission of spreading kindness. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet her, even if only briefly. Mary, I hope you left Earth in peace, and may your further journey be safe and filled with joy.

Posted by Milijanka, Slovenia 14/02/2024

Mary was and still is a true blessing for this planet. She was kind, gentle, and possessed a magical sense of humor. We were so fortunate to experience her presence and wisdom during her brief visit to Slovenia. We were charmed by her personality and even had the pleasure of tasting her incredible and delicious cooking. She is one of the most loving and peaceful individuals I have ever encountered. It is impossible not to love her, as she radiated pure love. Sometimes, it felt as though she was an angel walking on Earth. Her love and light will continue to be expressed through Dylan and all of us who have been touched by her presence. I extend my deepest condolences to Dylan and the entire family.

Posted by Aleksander with all the family from Slovenia 14/02/2024

Mary, I can still remember the warmness you gave me when I first joined the kindergarten as a teacher. You were the supervisor then. That was in 1996. With your warm and caring nature, we became so close. You've always been a strong and religious person and always end the conversations with 'God is Great'. You always had a special place in my heart and I  used to feel so happy whenever you called me to say you're coming down to Malaysia. Your last trip in 2023 here was great and I'm happy that we could catch up with some of our Seri Manja teachers. 
May your soul rest in peace Mary.


Posted by Gulzar Siraj 14/02/2024

Mary imitated her Lord and Saviour and served in His ways and gave of herself to many people whoever she came across, from the Divorce Care ministry, to those in trouble with the law within the NSW Courts Chaplains Association and many others to whom we will never know.


Mary also followed Christ’s example to walk in the way of love, tenderness, and compassion when talking with the lonely, marginalised and broken hearted to lift their spirit and give them a sense of hope and shine a light into their lives. Always doing nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit but rather in humility valuing others above herself. 

Posted by John Gohari 14/02/2024

Dear Aunt Mary. While growing up with Dylan always made me feel like part of the family. Always warm and kind. You definitely made the world a better place. We will miss you. 

Posted by Puvanesan Subenthiran 14/02/2024

Dear Mary, I was genuinely touched by your care and kindness bestowed upon me during my Divorce Care days. I felt loved and supported. You checked in regularly and prayed for me during my hard days. I am blessed to have had you by my side. Angels appear when you need then most. You were my angel. Rest in love, Mary 🙏🏻🩷

Posted by Rajina 14/02/2024


Mary, so warm, so unique 🙏, eternal, woman with a capital initial. The energy that she radiated is still in my heart and will always be there. It was as if I had known her forever. There were moments I caught with her and I appreciate them because they enlightened my life. Thank you, dear Mary. Rest in peace.




Posted by Maja, Slovenia 14/02/2024

Dear Dylan and family

I extend my deepest condolences to you all during this difficult time and send love to each and every one of you.

I consider myself fortunate to have had the privilege of meeting your mother, Mary. In our conversations and embraces, she emanated tranquility, kindness, and a genuine warmth that made me feel at ease in her presence.

As I firmly hold onto the belief that our energies endure, I am confident, dear Dylan, that her spirit will always be with you, offering solace and enveloping you in a gentle, comforting love.

May you find peace on your journey, dear Mary, and rest assured in tranquility.

With heartfelt sympathy,

Zara from Slovenia

Posted by Zara, Slovenia 14/02/2024


Dear Dylan and family,

I extend my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your dear mother Mary. Although I only knew Mary briefly, I can say that she was a true angel. I was inspired by her pure and deep relationship with her son Dylan and later by her story. 

I will always remember her words: " The secret is you need to learn how to forgive. "

I am grateful dear Mary for having chance to meet you. You are our great teacher.

Rest in peace.



Posted by Vesna 14/02/2024

Melita Jurca

Dear Mary, 

I am grateful for having the privilege of our paths crossing, even if only for a short moment. The story of your life that you sincerely shared with us in Ljubljana will remain in my memory forever. Your words about forgiveness and the importance of faith resonated deeply within all of us, offering us relief and guidance during challenging times. Your kindness, warmth and positivity made a big impression on me. When we talked, I believed and truly hoped we could meet once again.

My sincerest sympathies to the entire family, with a special thought for Dylan Ajaloo. The unbreakable bond between you two will stay forever.

On the photo: Mary, like I met her, and will always stay in my beautiful memory.

Posted by Melita Jurca 14/02/2024

I will never forget how full of energy she was.

Liberation comes when we leave the burdens of stress behind and move forward into a new chapter of our lives with a clear mind and an open heart.

Posted by Posted by From the heart of Ciril Frlan Slovenija 13.02.2024 14/02/2024

Melita, Slovenia

Thank you, Mary!

I met Mary in Nova Gorica, Slovenija with her son Dylan in september 2023. She was that kind of person who you love instantly. Kind, warm, trustworthy, a beautiful soul.

When I met her for the second time a few days later I had an oportunity to listen her life experience and life wisdom. She inspired me even more.

It is true that I met her only twice but I will treasure memory of her for life.

Rest in peace dear sweet lady!

My deepest condolences to her son Dylan and to all her loved ones.

Grateful for the opportunity to meet her, Melita

Posted by Melita, Slovenia 14/02/2024

I still can't believe Mary passed away. I check my mobile every now and then to see if she has answered anything. I met her last September when she visited Slovenia with her son Dylan who was a speaker/lecturer at our Mastermind conference. 

I believe Mary was an angel on Earth. What a grace, kindness, patience, persistence, wisdom, love, greatness, humanity ... all in one person. 

During Mary and Dylan's visit we also organized a charity event and spontaneously surprised Mary by inviting her on stage and asking her to tell us her story. She was a little embarrassed, but in the end it turned out that maybe she was the main reason we attended this event. She truly inspired us with her story and the main message. It was a really touching moment.

I will never forget the lesson of her story: The secret is you need to learn how to forgive. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity to listen to her and spend some precious time with her in our capital. It was so nice to chat with her while we walked the streets of the old town, which she really loved. 

We stayed in touch via WhatsApp and I looked forward to visiting her in Sydney one day. But now I'll have to wait until we meet again somewhere on the other side.

I'm sure you are now enjoying the real freedom that you have been looking for for so many years in the past. 

Safe journey, dear Mary. Rest in peace. 

Posted by Andreja Frankovic, Slovenia 13/02/2024

 I met Mary Jacob at a charity event in Ljubljana.  She radiated the kindness, love and incredible positive energy possessed by spiritual people with a pure heart.  Her emphasis on Forgiveness struck a chord in my heart. I want to express my deepest condolences to the entire family, especially Dylan Ajaloo.  You can be proud to be the son of such a brave woman as your mother was.🙏

Posted by From the heart of Lidija Djordjevic 13/02/2024

We, in Malaysia, were shocked to hear the news of Esther's passing. My siblings and I saw her, when she visited in October. During our conversation, Esther shared about her ministry in her church and especially to those who were going through challenging times. As she spoke one could feel her passion to share His word, comfort and strength with those facing challenges, praying alongside them and offering practical advice and assistance. That was Esther always prayerful and practical.

Esther also shared about the group of friends around her, who like her, were guided by God's strength and love, to journey alongside so many who were hurting. She mentioned her Tuesday ministry in the courts and how God guided her, as she walked around the courts, to reach out, to those feeling lost and alone.

Esther had so much love for God, for her family, for her friends. She had this desire to see that those close to her, would also find that joy in our Lord and Saviour.

Before she left, she asked to have a time of prayer. It was so clear how much she cherished coming before God in prayer.

Though she will be missed, we are assured that she is safe in the arms of Jesus, at peace.


Posted by Christine Rajaratnam 12/02/2024

Dearest Mary,

My fellow servant in Christ, I miss you! From our Great Ocean Road Tour in Melbourne to our fellowship in Manila, enjoying the curry, buttered chicken and biryani you prepared, our attending Bible conference, the numerous Bible studies and conversations we had together… Though your departure was sudden and I am crying, it still gives me so much comfort and deep joy knowing where you are - saved and secured in Christ,  our Creator and our Redeemer who loves you and whom you love and serve.  Knowing you never sought man’s praise, but desire to glorify our Savior, knowing your love for people’s souls and how fervently you prayed for those you love, you were indeed a cross-bearing follower of our Great Savior. Glory unto our Lord Jesus who accomplished salvation through submissive obedience unto death, death on the cross on behalf of underserved sinners and Father God raised Him! Those who repent and trust in Him will have the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. This is the glorious gospel we believe and that’s your eternal hope and my eternal hope too. Mary, my sister in Christ, till we meet again to worship our Lord Jesus and feast together in eternity. ✝️

In Christ’s grace and mercy, 


Posted by Florence 10/02/2024

My beloved friend Mary was a pure, beautiful star shining brightly in this dark world. She had the life of the Lord Jesus Christ shining in and through her and she was always eager to share His light to others by her words and her actions with great compassion and sensitivity. 
Mary and I met in Mosman Sydney through my late sister Annthea at the Mosman Baptist Church which we attended. We had so many lovely times there sharing with our special Christian friends Joan and John, Ray, Nisha, Mohua, Kay, Jason and Anne and family and the two Pauline's and I know we treasured these happy  memories.
Although I moved to Scotland UK we keep in touch over the years and Mary was able to visit me twice by Gods grace, which were very special times of encouragement, sadness, love and joy.
Most of all I am grateful for the time we shared together just a few months ago when she again visited the UK. We spent some days together, at times acompanied by her beloved son. I remember the gorgeous food she made (Mary was a wonderful cook). And we always prayed together and she would specially remember her son Dylan and daughter Sangeetha and husband Nigel and her two wonderful grandchildren Arya and Ezra. Her family were always at the forefront of her mind. 
Before Mary left she shared with me her strong testimony that she was about to deliver in Kuala Lumpur on her journey back to Australia in front of hundreds of ladies. I prayed that she would 'Be still, and know that I am God.' (from Psalm 46:10 a verse we both found encouraging many times).
Afterwards she was strengthened by the verse: 'Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.' (1Timothy 6:12).
Always keen to love and care for others and putting them first before her own needs, Mary was a truly, faithful saint. Her witness and love will forever impress itself on my heart.
Mary can now say 
'I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:  8 Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day... (from 2 Timothy 4:7,8).
Miss you so much. From your loving friend Fiona❤️

Posted by Fiona x 10/02/2024

Rebecca Thompson

No words can say how precious you were Mary🌹. You were a beautiful light of hope and love to alot of people. You were a prayer warrior for me in my darkest hours. 
May you be surrounded amongst the most highest Angels as you were one of them here on the earth. Mary will be missed incredibly and dearly. I loved you so much and you cared just like a mother and best friend to many people. I will miss you so much. Until we meet again God willing. Your friend forever, Rebecca & Dylan 🙏😢✨🙏💝🌹💜🪻💐🌸

Posted by Rebecca Thompson 10/02/2024

Mary is a very much committed to the ministry that she is involved with. She has a caring heart, good encourager, always tries her best to reach out to everyone. She is always there to say pray for you Or send you bible verses that helps that encourage you. Mary we will surely miss you. You have touched a lot lives and help them to get over of whatever they are going through.Thank you for all the things you have done. God bless you.

Posted by DALE 09/02/2024

When I came to Australia, it was as if with the last breath of life and the only hope that God would glue this vessel again beautifully. But on my knees and in the ashes, not knowing what to do next, why I am here, what steps to take, not understood by those with the grumpy, glued-on Hollywood smiles of success in this world, those with goals set for themselves, the masters of their own fate. Looking around and searching for truth in man and the eternal and only truth, the living God in man. And then the adamant Mary appeared and fought for me to come when I didn't even have the strength to fight for myself. She gave support, understanding, intercessory prayer, very practical knowledge with Christian values, and the DC community who knew exactly what I felt and I knew what they were going through. Her example of serving God completely, 100%, loving Him and the people He entrusted to her until the end. Mary you will remain in our hearts forever, and you were a shining lamp on the hill. We know how to walk this path, we know how to walk, we know how to shine. You're probably comfortable there on Dad's lap. And you enjoy the love of a faithful and endlessly loving spouse, and the presence of a true, sincere and wise friend. See you soon, Mary!

​Love to You and All! Jolanta

Posted by JOLANTHA 09/02/2024

I was shocked to hear Mary news. It is heart breaking.mary was a wonderful person who came into my life.she was there for me when I needed advice and guidance. She helped me with everything that i was in need of. She was loving and kind. I met her through sam brother from our church. The time i spent with Mary in DC sessions, friday prayer meetings at her place, and in church were the most memorable days of my life, and I’m deeply impacted by her. Mary will forever hold a special place in my heart. Mary used to check on me and my son at least twice a week, as we are alone in sydney, but after the love and care she showed on us, I told her I got a mother and my son got grandmother, she was very happy, now again we are alone. she left us alone and went to God.

However, my son and I will really miss  my mom, Mary, along with many others. I know she is in a wonderful place now with God.

Posted by SUSHMA 09/02/2024

A mother figure for many, always available to comfort, welcome warmly, and even feed the ravenous and broken hearted, encouraging us all on our own individual journeys, praying without ceasing, a constant comfort and a carrier of God's wisdom. I miss her.

Posted by VIREN 09/02/2024

She dedicated her life in service to so many and her loving presence will always remain with those whose life she has touched.

She may have been small in stature but she was mighty in faith and compassion and gave so many of us hope for a brighter tomorrow. I was always so inspired by her strength and courage and her confidence in God's wonderful provision no matter the situation.

Thank you Mary for your faithful service to the Lord you so loved. 

How blessed are we to have been touched by your gracious care. I will always remember you and be grateful for my time at Divorce Care. Marian

Posted by MARIAN 09/02/2024

Though our hearts may be broken, we must remember that love is eternal and transcends the boundaries of life and death. So today, as we mourn and say goodbyes to our dear friend and sister in Christ, let us remember her unwavering faith, dedications, love, and the countless lives she touched, especially in divorce care program of our Church. Sister Mary will remain in our hearts forever. Sunny Jackson.

Posted by SUNNY JACKSON 09/02/2024

I didn’t spend too much time with Mary other than DC sessions and past member session but I’m deeply impacted by her. She was sweet, gentle, loving and caring and displayed light during the hardest time of my life. Her love for God is seen by her compassion for others. I know that she’s with our Father in heaven and that brings me comfort. Mary will forever hold a special place in my heart and I can see she has been an important person in the lives of so many others. What an incredible woman of God! Praise the Lord for Mary and may God be the comfort for all her loved ones 🙏🏻

Posted by SHAGIG 09/02/2024

Mary was a wonderful person who helped me with certain personal things in my life. She was committed, dedicated, loving and kind. I met her through divorce care and she helped me a lot during the period when I was going through a divorce. I will miss her a lot.

Posted by KAMMY 09/02/2024

Mary is an example of someone who offered her heartaches and suffering to God, and He in turn used them mightily to bless and encourage so many throughout the course of her life. She knew God’s great love and she loved Him back by giving tirelessly, persistently, lovingly to all and without hesitation. Well done, good and faithful servant. Rest now in my embrace. - Tracy

Posted by TRACY 09/02/2024

Mary was all about giving to others, I also met her through divorce care, she had a gentle nature about her & was so close 2 God that she always had the urge 2 do more of God's wrk, always looking 4 new ways 2 help others, we became friends instantly, I just can't believe she's gone rest in peace dear friend u were greatly loved & will be missed - christine L

Posted by CHRISTINE L 09/02/2024

She was a true angel who came into my life when I needed advice and guidance the most. Truly a special person

Posted by NICOLE 09/02/2024

Mary became a special friend to me over the years and I will really miss her. She was hard working, kindhearted with an openness that invited people to get to know her.
We lunched together at an Indian restaurant and we were going again this week. But it was not meant to be. 
I am very happy knowing our dear Mary is in a far better place in the presence of our loving Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
However I will really miss Mary, along with many others. I know she is in a wonderful place now.

Posted by MAREE 09/02/2024

Mary, now rests in peace in the arms of our heavenly father with no more pain and sadness.

Posted by ANITA CHO 09/02/2024

Mary was a great support to me and many others. She will surely be missed by many. I will miss her, May the lord bless and comfort her family.  ✝️❤️🙏🏻

Posted by CAESAR GHANTOUS 09/02/2024

I met Mary at the hardest and the most heartbreaking point of my life. 

My marriage was breaking up, and the family, the most precious thing in my life, was dissolving in front of my eyes. 

I was drowning.


Then I came across Divorce Care, and there was Mary, reaching out for me, another drowning soul in those treacherous waters.

Her own story was heartbreaking. She survived her own ordeal. And out of pure kindness of her heart, she decided to help the others.

And she was serious about that too. She was so dedicated not to leave anyone behind.


Her home was such a safe place, and there I would lose track of time. We would always have yet another thing to talk about, "until cows came home". 

I can't believe that the next time she's not gonna be there.

Such a strong, loving, dear friend of ours. 

I miss her dearly.

Posted by SALLY 09/02/2024

Mary has touched my life tremendoulsy.
My last conversation with Mary was words of love, well wishes and encouragement.
In every interaction,  Mary would offer me a gentle lift to my day or a big bear nudge of advice for me to do something.
Mary will at the right precise moment will remind me, and say  ‘God is Good’.
God is good! Praising our powerful God in providing us a shimmering, dazzling and marvellous Mary.

Posted by LISA VONG 09/02/2024

To me, Mary Jacob was a strong believer and leader in the Church with great listening skills. She was always ready to help and give counsel. In many ways she was like a grandmother to me.

I will always remember Mary Jacob’s prayerfulness toward all situations in life. A big reminder to us all in the faith.

Posted by BEN HOPPER 09/02/2024

Mary, you touched many lives and made the world a better place. It's hard to believe that you're gone, but comforting to know that you're now with God and at peace. Ava and i love you and will miss you alot.

Posted by JOANNE & AVA 09/02/2024

My beloved beautiful, loving, kind and generous Mary, you were a true friend/ aunty, my comforter, encourager, and prayer warrior- someone I could always count on for support, advice and prayers. You consistently made time for anyone seeking a shoulder to cry on and brought solace and light to the broken. Your generous spirit and welcoming smiles touched many lives, including mine. I thank God for the friendship we shared and the privilege of knowing you. I will hold the memories of you dearly in my heart always. I am comforted knowing that you are now in the embrace of our loving Heavenly Father. Goodbye for now until we meet again in Heaven. Love, Flora

Posted by FLORA 09/02/2024

I was so saddened to hear the passing away of Mary Jacob. She played a pivotal role in my healing at the Divorce Care sessions. She had a heart for Gods people and all people alike, and because of this we remained on as friends. I will sorely miss her!

Posted by PAUL VONG 09/02/2024

Mary was one of a kind. I met her in one of the hardest times in my life (as did many people) and she bought so much goodness back into my world. Mary touched so many lives with her kindness, selflessness and love. When life was full of darkness and pain, Mary was positive and gave from within. She inspired me to appreciate the small things in life and be thankful for all I had. Her courage and strength stood as an example to us all and her legacy will live on in our hearts. Her dedication and commitment to helping others will always be remembered. I cannot thank Mary enough for her generous heart, deep insight and wisdom which will stay with me always. Thank you Mary helping guide the light, love and happiness back into my world. Rest in peace, beloved friend. You will not be forgotten.

Posted by CHRISTIE 09/02/2024

Mary was like a Grandma to us, always encouraging and always there for us. I will remember her generosity and dedication to the Church and serving the Lord✝️

Posted by Tasmin 09/02/2024

Mary will always have a Special place in my heart and memories. We became not only close sisters in prayer but even very close friends. We would bounce off each other with ideas on how to deal with some of the challenges in our lives and the DC Group. Mary was a Mentor and strong Teamleader who put others first. Forever in my heart and thoughts. RIP my friend. 

Posted by Venetia 09/02/2024

A tribute to Mary


Little we knew on Tuesday evening

That we are heading to;  days of mourning

It broke our hearts to lose you dear;

It was very shocking and hard to bear

Your absence will leave a vacuum in the village

To get to know you;  was our privilege

A counsellor, a chaplain and a friend

Always compassionate till the end

A regular walking partner for Ambika

A caring mother and loving grandma

Mary, do you know how much we love you ?

You didn’t go alone; for part of us went with you.

May your soul rest in God’s  peace

And May He our sorrows ease



Posted by Isabel 08/02/2024

My wife and I came to know Mary well, as she was also interested in gardening as we are. I helped her buy vegetable seedlings and plant them in her garden bed. Whenever we go for a walk passing her house, we stop and look at her garden.

We also became close to her when she formed a prayer group and had prayers every Wednesday. She was a prayer warrior. She always prayed for the management and the residents in the village.

The Bible says: "He is near to the broken hearted and crushed in spirit". 

May God comforrt all those who are in deep sorrow, especially by her loss.

Posted by Edward 08/02/2024

Mary is a strong lady, her heart is full of compassion 🥀.

She is there encourage and guiding me and many others thru the darkest part of our life.

Really grateful for her help, guidance and care in my life.

Posted by Sheila 07/02/2024

Remembering Esther's wonderful and gentle soul will forever remain in our hearts. We have always been together in good times and bad times. Thank you for the life we shared.

May your soul rest in eternal peace.

Posted by Lily Koshy 07/02/2024

I first met Mary when I arrived at the first meeting of a series of the Divorce Care Group.  I was nervous and emotional, and immediately welcomed with warmth and kindness by Mary.  Every week, and on the days in between, Mary communicated with the group of attendees, with care, compassion and love. When we thanked her for her support, she always gave thanks to God for his grace.  Mary loved God with a love that comes from an intimate relationship with Him, and this love flowed on to all of us.  From her own suffering, Mary loved and supported so many in their time of grief and confusion, pointing us to our great God who cares so deeply and had carried her through her life.  What a legacy Mary leaves.  I personally will remember Mary with immense gratitude and love.  She will be missed by so many. 

Posted by Eleanor 07/02/2024

Mary Jacob dedicated her life to God and in service of others.

She helped so many through difficult times her teaching, through the Divorce Care group she ran, through the church, and through her chaplaincy.

She is dearly missed by everyone that knew her, but especially by her children and grandchildren.

She was an angel on Earth and we miss her terribly already.

Posted by Nigel Gardiner 06/02/2024