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Nick’s final resting place
Rookwood Cemetery, St Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church, Rookwood NSW, Australia

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A tribute in honour of the
Late Nick Manolios

🕯 May his memory be eternal 🕯  

Posted by Divinity Funerals 01/03/2022

Sending the Manolios family our deepest condolences at this challenging time. Nick was a wonderful man who took an interest in our lives beyond that of a client! He was warm, humble and never without a smile every time we spoke. He reminded us constantly of the wonderful life we had and the impact we could have on our kids future based on making the right decisions! We were so excited to introduce Nick to our youngest daughters this year. He had been a shining beacon during our struggles with IVF. We hope that on the afterlife Nick is rested and pain free and pray for love, light and strength as the family traverse through the days ahead.


Shiv & Priya Bhardwaj

Posted by Shivram Bhardwaj 01/03/2022