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Randolph’s final resting place
Rookwood Catholic Cemetery, Barnet Ave, Rookwood

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Hey Randy my one and only brother-in -law, thanks for being the wonderful, wise warm, fun, kind man you became. You met your challenges with grace and dignity. You've set us an incredible example of how to live life. Thanks for giving us 2 amazing nieces and a nephew. They are a credit to you. Thanks for bringing us all together before your departure from this life. The world was a better place for having you in it. You are missed already. My love and prayers go with you. You will be remembered fondly always. Rest in peace, till we meet again. By the way your funeral was the most joyous experience, which I am sharing with everyone I speak to

Posted by Dolores Saunders 30/05/2019

Veronica Pottier
Randy, the happiest time for us as a family was when we arrived in Australia(picture attached) The most joyful times were with our 3 beautiful children 😊 Through all your trials and years of illness, you were very courageous and humorous. It must be a wonderful experience being reunited with your loved ones gone before you. Rest In Peace.

Posted by Veronica Pottier 28/05/2019

Uncle Randolph one of the greatest people to ever grace this planet. A very wise man whose words I will cherish forever. An inspiration to all and a man who taught me to keep a good sense of humour through all adversary. Your great spirit I know will remain with us forever. With much love and respect Rest In Peace uncle Randy . You dit it your way. ❤️🙏🏻😇

Posted by Shane saunders 28/05/2019

Randolph..you were the light where you lived...now you the bright light shining in heaven...safe in the arms of Jesus!enjoy being with all your loved ones.lots of Jesus Love.R.I.P....love Heather.

Posted by Heather 27/05/2019

Dear Uncle Randy, thank you for your kindness, your gentleness, your giving nature. The nurturing of not only your own children but nieces & nephews. I love you for the way you loved your children, they are all beautiful people & truly a reflection of you. I love you for the wisdom you doled out. I truly learnt so much from you. How to embrace life, be honest & straight forward with those we love. No meaness or malice just truth. Don't put off living life as now is the time. Your grace, such immense grace you modelled for us all but exemplified in you children in your last weeks. I know you must be so proud. Thank you for always welcoming me. Thank you for being you. Love you lots, Rozanne

Posted by Rozanne McKnight 27/05/2019

My brother, Randolph, what a wonderful guy, with a mighty big heart / a soft heart too. You loved well, family, friends , met some amazing challenges. How brave you were . I will miss you, even though we didn't see you often, there were many phone calls so I will miss your cheery voice. .Well done, Randolph , with your children and grand children ! they loved you so much . So glad you can rest now , safe and well , in the arms of Jesus . Your loving sister, Dawn and your brother-in-law, Greg

Posted by dawn goldsmith 26/05/2019

My Big Brother Randolph.you will be sadly missed.i am so happy that we could video chat before you left us.you were an amazing.wise and loving person.no matter what challenges you faced in life you always took it with a smile.nothing seemed to get the better of you!you always made the next person want to appreciate and live life to the fullest.the song you would sing "My Way"spoke volumes about yourself.thank you to his family for taking such good care of him and your great love for him has not gone unnoticed.go well brother.till we meet the other side.from Elodie.carmen .Leighton.R.I.P.

Posted by Elodie Pottier 26/05/2019

To my loving dad, from your big baby, Thank you for introducing to me music!!! The big one!! The appreciation of all types of music, the ability to hear something different every time, to question why a musician or singer does what they do, be consumed by it in every way, be completely lost in it for hours on end. I have passed it on to our girls and even Al! 🤣 For the guitar you & mum bought me that Christmas, when all I wanted was a Keyboard, as I was learning at School!! But I always knew why....❤️

Posted by Nicholette Pottier 26/05/2019

Hazel Pottier
My loving brother Randolph. I honour you for being the kind, loving, wise and simply amazing man that you were. Making the most of any situation and turning sadness into joy. I loved hearing your voice as you would always so lovingly refer to me as your “baby sister” 😊 you always brought a smile to my face no matter what you were going through. You will be sorely missed by so many lives that you touched. My sincere condolences to Nicky, Alvaro and girls, Lauren and Rowan. Thank you for making your Dad’s days so memorable and for granting him his last wish. In my last conversation with him, he said he just wants to have everyone around him..you gave him that and arranged for him to “go out with a bang” as he wanted. 😁 You guys are awesome and made him so proud. Much love and peace to you all. Rest In Peace my big brother. Love Hazel ❤️

Posted by Hazel Pottier 26/05/2019