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Yvonne, you where a wonderful person. Sweet, interesting, funny.

A pure soul and free spirit with an open and kind heart.

You didn't stay on earth for long but your time here was definitely an adventure.

You where very loved, and will be deeply missed. 

May you rest in peace 🌹


Posted by Magdalena (Michael's daughter) 08/04/2022

My heart is so heavy at the loss of one of the sweetest, loveliest people I've known. Yvonne was a classmate friend   and the rare one that years - even decades - could pass, but it didn't matter. We picked up where we left off. She had a unique spark and goodness to her, and will be so missed. My deepest sympathy to Michael and all Yvonne's family. I'm so sorry 🕯❤️

Posted by Kris Rerat (High School friend) 08/04/2022

Yvonne...heaven has another angel now.  Be at peace my friend and know that whenever the Wild Women of the North are together you'll be there too. 

Posted by Judy Nelson (High School friend) 08/04/2022

Yvonne, affectionately known to many of as as Bonker, was such a wonderful and sweet soul. She was always smiling and laughing and ready for adventure. She will be missed and forever in my heart. My deapest condolences to Michael and to her family.  Love you Bonker. You will be greatly missed. 

Posted by Amy Meissner - Friend 08/04/2022

Bonker, we will miss her so much. She had spunk, a zest for life and ability to spark up a conversation with just about anyone. We love you Bonker. You will never be forgotten. 💗

Posted by Andi Ells (Bugells) Long time friend. 08/04/2022

BooBoo was my little sister, 6 years younger.  I don't think I can remember a time when she wasn't smiling or off on another adventure.  Michael was the center of her universe and his family was also her family which I found to be true when speaking with Maria.  Thank you to Michael and the entire Tsarpos family for enriching Yvonne's life with your undying love and caring.   

Posted by Deni (her sister) 08/04/2022

Bonker was my oldest and most loved friend. She’ll never be replaced. Sorry, you left us so soon. Love YOU forever.

Posted by Kevin Ells - Best of Friends Forever 08/04/2022

“As my first roommate in college, you will always be in my heart and memories. I love you Girlfriend. Until we meet again......”

Mary Pommier (college roommate)

Posted by Mary Pommier 07/04/2022

"Not how long, but how well you lived is the main thing" ~ Unknown.  My heart is broken. I lost such a dear friend yesterday. We spent a lifetime - over 50 years - as friends. Yvonne was the one person who lived and loved every minute of her life to the fullest. Godspeed my dear, sweet friend. I will miss you so much.

Karen Hunnicutt-Meyer (High School Friend)

Posted by Karen Hunnicutt-Meyer 07/04/2022

My dearest friend Yvonne, I will miss our hour long talks, her wonderful laugh, her inquisitive spirit, playing the piano together, our crazy adventures and so much more. Thank you for the memories my dear friend.”

Mary Taylor (High School friend)

Posted by Mary Taylor 07/04/2022