How it works

How to go live on iPhone

Use any IOS app that allows RTMP streaming e.g.

1. Open the Live Now app on the iOS device.
2. Enter Server URL & Server name/key.
3. Tap Go Live button.
(located at the bottom of the screen)
4. Then tap Start button to commence the Live-stream.
(Reminder : check the settings to ensure that audio is enabled)
5. Once screen sharing is in progress, a flashing button appears at the top of the screen.
6. Simply press STOP to end the session.

How to go live on Android Phone

Use any android app that allows RTMP streaming e.g.

1. Open the CamOn Live Streaming app on the android device.
2. Go to settings and scroll it to adapters section.
3. Click on live streaming and enable the option for 'Live stream to an RTMP server'.
4. After that set up server url and key.
5. After giving all the permission you can go live.
(Reminder : Please allow app with neccesary permissions)

How to go live on desktop or through CCTVs

Encoder guide

To live stream video with our Streaming Service, you'll need a broadcast encoder, below is a list of some encoders that are compatible:

And no matter what encoder you are using, make sure it's configured to the following settings:
  • Codec H.264
  • Output resolution of 1920 x 1080 (maximum)
  • Frame rate of 60 fps (maximum)
  • Key frame interval of 2 seconds

✦ Best Practices
If you use encoding software on a Mac or Windows PC, we recommend keeping your encoding software on a separate machine from any other tasks you may need to do during your event, such as previewing and monitoring your stream or moderating chat.
Often doing all of these on the same system can cause CPU percentage to spike, impacting the quality of your stream and cause other tasks to lag as well.

If you have any difficulty setting up your encoder then forward us an email addressed to: